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Apotheosis of Washington (detail) on the dome of the United States Capitol in Washington. Issue #2064

Why the US is a Fascist State

Anyone who has been to Washington DC and visited the Capitol, looking up at the Dome, the viewer is treated to an imposing sight. On...

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Issue #1998

Why do Western countries like Australia support fascism?

A major question that needs to be addressed in Western countries like Australia is why they support fascism in Ukraine. Before we can answer this...

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Issue #2003

Macron and Le Pen face off in the 2022 French presidential election

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will once again face off in the second round of the French presidential election in a repeat of the...

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Issue #1950

On the rise of fascism

Although the new problems of the pandemic have distracted from it, the dangerous worldwide upsurge in fascism has continued apace.

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Issue #2004

Macron beats Le Pen but growth of French fascism continues

French President Emmanuel Macron has won re-election against far-right rival Marine Le Pen. The first French president to be re-elected in twenty years, Macron’s margin...

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Quill and ink . Issue #2091


Barbarism and Capitalism While proofreading a page for our comrades who produce the Guardian, I noted something that I feel should be clarified for all...

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Issue #2089


Dingo has noted previously the big noise in the mass media about the anti-Russian sanctions of the US and the European Union over the operation...

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Issue #2095

Fascism in Ukraine

Fascism, accurately called “the last resort of capitalism in decline,” is being actively fostered in various countries around the world. Even more countries are putting...

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Issue #1970

Where’s the fair go gone?

Since 9/11, we’ve experienced governments giving enormous powers to police forces and intelligence services in order to facilitate anti-terrorist laws.

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Issue #2006

Never forget the victory of the Soviet Union

On 9th May, 1945, Hitler’s fascism was finally crushed amongst the rubble of Berlin and the “thousand-year Reich” came to a mercifully premature end. The...

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May Day event in Caloundra, 2024. Issue #2098

May Day 2024

Victory Day Celebrations. May 9 defeat of fascism commemorated With all the recent celebrations of May Day, let’s not forget May 9, the anniversary of...

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