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Issue #2032

Huge union delegation supports Gomeroi rights against Santos’s First Nations and environmental destruction

The union movement has mobilised in solidarity with the Gomeroi people’s struggle against the climate-wrecking Pilliga/Narrabri coal seam gas mining operation on Gomeroi lands in...

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Sky News helicopter. Issue #2061

Sky News

On 29th June Alexander Voltz of Sky News attacked the Palaszczuk government for wanting to change the name of Brisbane and its main streets to...

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Issue #2071

Time to Listen: An Indigenous Voice to Parliament

A new book explores the need for the Voice, and the background of the ‘great Australian silence.’ Monash University researchers, Professor Melissa Castan and Professor...

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Issue #2012

South Australia: Cuban solidarity and party building on the agenda

Over the course of the last period, CPA South Australia has been involved in a litany of tasks to strengthen our Party and promote working...

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Issue #2024

Multi-employer bargaining key to improving working conditions: ACOSS and ACTU

The Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) has joined with the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) to call on the Albanese government to implement...

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Issue #2063

Vinnies for the Voice

The Vinnies for the Voice better known as Vinnies, supports the Yes vote in the coming Voice to Parliament referendum. “The Society urges all Australians...

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Issue #2033

Change in the name of Cassius rally – Perth

In Forrest Place in the heart of Perth over 1000 people gathered to remember Cassius Turvey, the fifteen-year-old, Noongar/Yamitji boy who was ambushed and attacked...

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Issue #2052

Indigenous People ask Charles Windsor to apologise for colonisation

They ask the British monarch “to acknowledge the horrific impact and legacy of the genocide and colonisation of Indigenous and enslaved peoples.” Indigenous organisations and...

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Burrup Rock art Issue #2056

Burrup desecration

Could the destruction of priceless 40,000-year-old art work in the great land of Australia ever happen today? The deliberately planned Juukun cave explosion of 2020...

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Issue #2035

Hear her voice

This article contains references to examples of experiences of First Nations peoples, and language that is disrespectful and offensive to their culture, history, people and...

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Quill and ink . Issue #2072


Voice for the young As a Young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander man I am supporting the yes vote for the Voice. Say Yes so...

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Killers of the Flower Moon Issue #2076

Killers of the Flower Moon

Who’s up for some three hours plus of cinematic awesomeness? Lots of people, that’s who, even the ones who think that Killers of the Flower...

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First Nations man with didgeridoo. Issue #2079

“A shared future of justice”

STOLEN GENERATIONS The laws resulting in Aboriginal children being removed from their families traumatised many generations. The children were not only isolated from their families...

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Issue #2042

Talking About Land Rights

To sustain life people have to produce food, clothing, shelter and other necessities. The process of production takes place within the interaction between human society...

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A Canadian women in traditional wear. Issue #2073

Australia-Canada – 30 years behind?

At a time when Australia is intensely debating constitutional recognition of Indigenous people, it is interesting to look at Canada. They wrote recognition of Aboriginal...

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CPA supports a Issue #2052

Thomas Mayo speaks on the Voice

Maritime workers around Australia are hearing from the Union’s National Indigenous Officer, Thomas Mayo, at meetings around the country, about the union’s long-term support for...

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Issue #2064


A new political force uniting left and progressive parties and other organisations with a clear pro-people agenda is needed urgently. The Communist Party is convinced...

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Issue #2062

Voice and action

The Closing the Gap strategy was set up in 2008, as part of Kevin Rudd’s Apology to Indigenous Australians. The fact that Closing the Gap...

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Wyndham Youth Aborignal Corporation Staff. Issue #2064

Youth corporation in Kimberley lacks funds

A Youth Aboriginal Corporation in the Kimberley has told Ngaarda Media that it would have to close its doors temporarily due to a lack of...

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Burrup rock art. Issue #2050

“No empathy, no morals”

The following is a statement from Murujuga traditional custodians responding to the announcement today (25th April) that Perdaman will begin the immediate removal of sacred...

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Issue #2037


The Communist Party of Australia acknowledges the traditional owners and custodians of the land throughout Australia. We acknowledge that this is Aboriginal land, always was,...

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CPA supports a Issue #2073

I’ve seen so much history

I was just 17 when the ’67 referendum gave us the right to exist and to be counted in the place we’d always called home....

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Issue #2040

The Communist Party of Australia Calls for a YES vote to the Voice in the upcoming Referendum

The Communist Party of Australia Central Committee at its meeting in January 2023 came out proudly in favour of a YES vote in the upcoming...

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Issue #2072

So much for the ‘Canberra Voice’!

The NSW vote is shaping up to be crucial for the Voice referendum, so members of the Canberra Branch decided to tour peripheral towns near...

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Issue #2058

Aboriginal housing: Australia’s biggest policy failure?

The inadequate if not negligent response of governments around Australia to the critical issue of Aboriginal housing – perhaps the country’s biggest policy failure –...

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“Port Adelaide for Yes” meeting, showing Uncle Mickey O’Brien with his long black cord of Australian history. Issue #2071

Port Adelaide for Yes

Unionists and Yes supporters gathered in the historic Waterside Workers Hall in Port Adelaide on Thursday, 7th September to show their solidarity with First Nations...

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Issue #2065

Tricks and Treaties

Are you scared yet? Australia’s conservative opposition wants you to be frightened. Scares are second nature to the Liberal Party. Only four years ago, they...

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Issue #2075


Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows almost 40 per cent of 16 to 24-year-olds reported experiencing a mental health disorder within the past...

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CPA supports a Issue #2075

Referendum defeat, a ‘sorry day’

Yes campaigner Thomas Mayo said the defeat of the Referendum signalled a “sorry day.” Australia voted for the status quo of dispossession, inequality, lack of...

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Issue #2072

On 14th October vote YES!

Vinnie Molina On 14th October the Australian electorate will decide whether to amend the Constitution for recognition of Indigenous Australians and a Voice to Parliament...

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Issue #2073

Not alright

In arguing for a YES vote for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament, we are arguing change. People who oppose the Voice sometimes say that the...

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Issue #2057

Maritime Union of Australia launches Voice to Parliament film

The documentary film COME WALK WITH US premiered on 7th June, introduced by executive producer Thomas Mayo. Mayo is a former wharfie, an author, a...

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