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Issue #1965

Stand with traditional owners against fracking!

Letter by Seed Mob

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Issue #2064


Over 900 health professionals from across the country have signed a joint letter speaking out against fracking the Beetaloo Basin and the Middle Arm gas...

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Issue #2012

The sun will shine, the wind will blow

Australia is on the brink of a total collapse of its domestic energy market amid a crisis that has been decades in the making. If...

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Stop fracking rally. Issue #2063

Mega-fracker now on site

Water is life. But right now, Tamboran Resources is on the fast track to frack the Northern Territory, and water is at risk of being...

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Magela Creek, Kakadu National Park, Northern Territory. Issue #2053

NT: Gas industry gets biggest slice

The Territory and Federal governments appear to have prioritised spending on roads that will benefit the fracking industry at a time when many of the...

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Issue #2057


A major survey conducted by McKell, the Transport Workers Union and TEACHO sheds light on the harsh reality faced by food delivery, rideshare, and AmazonFlex...

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Issue #2052

In their words: “No fracking”

Amid opposition from Indigenous owners and in the face of a growing environmental crisis, the NT government has given the go-ahead for fracking in the...

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