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Issue #2011

French legislative vote

Jean-Luc Mélenchon and his party France Insoumise (France unbowed (to the neoliberal turn)), the socialists, communists, and others have pulled off the electoral stunner of...

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Issue #1968

After McDonalds

In the 14th district of Marseille, former McDonalds’ employees have led an ongoing occupation of an abandoned franchise by turning it into a food distribution centre.

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Issue #2003

Macron and Le Pen face off in the 2022 French presidential election

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen will once again face off in the second round of the French presidential election in a repeat of the...

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Issue #1960

Generals threaten civil war in open letter to French government

In France a group of military personnel, both active and retired, have penned an open letter to President Emmanuel Macron warning him of what they see as the perils facing the country.

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Issue #1995

Far-right surges as French elections draw near

With the French presidential elections little over two months away, the first round scheduled for the 10th April, polls show a surging far right and...

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Issue #2004

Macron beats Le Pen but growth of French fascism continues

French President Emmanuel Macron has won re-election against far-right rival Marine Le Pen. The first French president to be re-elected in twenty years, Macron’s margin...

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Issue #2039

France goes on general strike

Emmanuel Macron’s government has once again put forward the policy of raising the retirement age of French from 62 to 64, and on 19th January,...

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Issue #2045

France: Biggest show of force yet

France came to a standstill on Tuesday 8th March when protesters marched nationwide during the latest round of strikes against a planned rise in the...

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Issue #2015


Amid attempts to drag Australia into the nuclear cycle, news from France casts yet another pall over the non-future of nuclear fission. France gets about...

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Issue #2027


Last week, “Dingo” reported on Solomon Islands PM Manasseh Sogavare’s address to the UN General Assembly, a voice of the Pacific Islands People in the...

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