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Issue #1969

Socialism: utopian and scientific: a guide

This series will be dedicated to explaining and elaborating the concepts found in Frederick Engels’ Socialism: Utopian and Scientific.

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Issue #1972

Socialism: utopian or scientific: a guide

For the final part of this series, we will see how all of the concepts we’ve explored thus far work together to create scientific socialism.

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Issue #2047

175 years of reading the Communist Manifesto

Of course, we have all read, and all do read the Communist Manifesto. This year as we celebrate its 175th anniversary it is imperative to...

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Issue #1971

Socialism: Utopian or Scientific – A guide

Uprisings have happened countless times throughout history. Revolutionary transformation is the historical norm, not the exception.

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Perth IWD 2024. Issue #2094

Women and Class Struggle

Every International Women’s Day, there are discussions about how we empower women, and in almost none of them is the key term that gets us...

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CPA Canberra Branch marching. Issue #2093

‘A properly liberated socialist nation’

8 March International Women’s Day was celebrated by the Communist Party of Australia. The Guardian is proud to present an excellent speech made on the...

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Issue #2088


Research into the potential climate impact of burning fossil fuels dates back at least 70 years. (Green Notes, Guardian #2086) But the impact of human...

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Friedrich Engels Issue #2069

Engels and pizza: Sunshine Coast Branch gets educated

In July the Sunshine Coast Branch of Queensland had its first education class, examining Friedrich Engels’ Principles of Communism. Written in 1847 it was the...

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Issue #2043

The Communist Manifesto turns 175

In Sydney, comrades are getting ready to demonstrate at Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s office against the government’s plan to spend an insane amount on preparations...

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