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An armoured Land Rover used by Reuters for reporting in Palestine. Issue #2081

Letter from journalists to Australian media outlets

(Editor’s note: attached is an open letter from Australian journalists. It has been signed by just under 300 journalists so far. Disgracefully, Nine, which publishes...

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Global briefs Issue #2059


SRI LANKA: Former president Gotabaya Rajapaksa is accused in a report of tampering with police records in a bid to hamper investigations into mass graves...

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Ecuador, 2014. Issue #2100

Assange wins appeal against extradition ruling

Julian Assange can appeal against the decision to grant his extradition to the United States, the UK High Court ruled on 20 May. The WikiLeaks...

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Issue #2039

Creeping encroachment on press freedom

The Labor government has announced that it will hold a national roundtable with media organisations and “key stake holders” to discuss press freedom reform. The...

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Issue #2059

Truth-teller must be freed

There are two important dates around now. Daniel Ellsberg died on 16th June this year, at the age of 92. Julian Assange turns 52 on...

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The Arms of the Australian National University. Issue #2103

ANU expels pro-Palestine student, continues links with arms manufacturers

The ANU has expelled Beatrice Tucker for comments made on ABC radio, banning the student from entering campus or continuing their studies. This comes a...

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Issue #2076

Silencing voices

It’s common for people to say “it’s a free country,” meaning, go ahead, do what you like, say what you like.  Australia is a country...

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Issue #2080

Look who’s talking

It’s great to have a free press. We can hear the unvarnished truth about everything, and really see the world the way it is. Australians...

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