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Half the Sky column logo Issue #2064


Like many young people born into the online world, I first became exposed to political ideas through social media as a teenager and therefore saw...

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Issue #1953

Perth International Women’s Day 2021

IWD 2021 was celebrated in Perth at Perth Trades Hall on Monday, the 8th of March.

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Issue #1973

Reform draconian Victorian bail laws!

A new report by Corrections Victoria has revealed that over half of women incarcerated in Victorian prisons are unsentenced, highlighting once more the deep flaws in Victoria’s bail system.

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Half the Sky column logo Issue #2066


A report on sexual violence court cases in NSW has found that reforms to the justice system over the past 40 years have made improvements...

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Half the Sky column logo Issue #2058


Following The Sun a day earlier making public British Tory government plans to attack transgender children in almost every possible way at school through new...

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Prison cells. Issue #2064

The US Prison in film: A Marxist View

In the “land of the free,” millions languish in prisons in the name of law and order. The prison, as an institution, is used by...

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Issue #2014

Gender pay gap remains a national shame

Australia’s gender pay gap remains deeply entrenched thanks to a decade of indifference from the previous Liberal government. That’s according to the latest data released...

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Issue #2046

Queensland police under fire

The Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, has begun to restructure the Queensland Police Service (QPS) in an attempt to eradicate the “significant problem” of sexism, racism,...

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Issue #1979

Health and safety is in our hands

In May 2021, a Megaphone article titled “Knowledge is Power In Fight Against Gendered Violence” was published.

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Issue #2018

Paid family and domestic violence leave a huge win for workers

At the end of last month, working-class people across the country achieved a momentous victory when a bill tabled by Workplace Relations Minister Tony Burke...

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Issue #1957

Respect at work: sexual harassment not on!

Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins released the Commission’s Respect@Work report on sexual harassment in the workplace more than twelve months ago.

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Issue #2043

Gender pay gap

While figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) showing that Australia’s gender pay gap is narrowing, women still receive, on average, $472 per...

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