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Issue #1999

TWU wins enforceable rates for couriers & Amazon flex drivers in landmark decision

The Transport Workers’ Union has won a landmark determination that means couriers will receive significant improvements to their enforceable rates of pay – including world-first...

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Issue #2033

Workers’ rights up for grabs

Ahead of the upcoming Victorian State Election on the 26th November, labour rights are on the ballot once more. The Andrews Labor government has made...

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Issue #1968

Menulog trial marks gig milestone

The Transport Workers’ Union (TWU) has welcomed the commencement of Menulog’s employment trial as an important milestone toward achieving minimum rights and standards in the food delivery industry.

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Issue #2018

Universities suffer epidemic of insecure work

Job insecurity in universities is reaching record levels. According to a recent report, one third of employees working in a university are casual or contract...

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Half the Sky column logo Issue #2070


Will Labor’s bill help working women? E Lennon Workplace relations minister, Tony Burke, has tabled a bill aimed at tackling several issues faced by workers...

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Issue #2034

15,000 workers left in the lurch as Deliveroo goes under

British food delivery platform Deliveroo announced on the 16th November that it was going into voluntary administration, claiming that “achieving a sustainable position of leadership...

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Issue #1967

Uber will pay anything to not pay liveable wage!

Last year, Amita Gupta, a food delivery driver with Uber, took the company to the Federal Court for being “sacked after she was 10 minutes late with a food delivery.”

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Issue #2063


The union movement extended its thoughts to the loved ones of the food delivery rider who tragically lost his life in Sydney last week working...

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Issue #1964

Fair Work Commission rules delivery riders are employees

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has ruled that a delivery rider for Deliveroo is an employee, not a contractor, for the purposes of employment law.

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Issue #2013

Big win for gig workers

Gig workers had a ground-breaking win last month when the Personal Injury Commission (PIC) awarded the family of Xiaonjun Chen $834,000 in workers’ compensation after...

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Gig worker. Issue #2086

Victorian gig workers still being harmed

Victoria Police statistics show hundreds of delivery workers have been injured, and two have been killed. Victoria Police attended 92 crashes involving a delivery rider...

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Issue #2057


A major survey conducted by McKell, the Transport Workers Union and TEACHO sheds light on the harsh reality faced by food delivery, rideshare, and AmazonFlex...

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Rights 4 riders rally. Issue #2069

Fight for gig workers’ rights

What would you think about someone who is continually attempting to rob you and your family of the right to a decent living? Someone who...

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Food being delivered by bicycle. Issue #2070


In the face of the big rip-off of Australian workers, the Albanese government’s attempted makeover of the industrial relations system continued on 4th September, when...

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