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The Tribune Printery, Newsletter Press, 21 Ross Street Forest Lodge, 1962.and Forest Lodge, 1962. Issue #2062

Blue plaque for CPA history

From 1943 until at least 1981 the Communist Party of Australia printed their newspaper Tribune at 21 Ross St Forest Lodge, Glebe, which has received...

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Issue #1948

Community action pushes back against demolition of Glebe public housing

Residents and organisers from the Hands off Glebe campaign have come together in solidarity with protestors for their most recent public demonstration.

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Issue #2026

Strong community challenge issued to NSW and federal governments over their lack of housing vision

The NSW Government is attacking Glebe public housing again. Not satisfied with demolishing public housing in Elger, Cowper, and Franklyn Streets, now they plan to...

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Issue #2038

Record rent increases

Last year Australia recorded an overall increase in rents of 10.2 per cent, the biggest-ever rent increase recorded nationally. The cost of rent has risen...

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Issue #2043

Renovate, don’t demolish!

“My complex at Franklyn Street in Glebe is 35 years old and needs refurbishing. The present NSW government wants to demolish it and replace our...

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Issue #2050

Public Housing in Glebe saved!

Pro-public housing group Hands off Glebe has been campaigning to stop the sell-off of public housing in Sydney’s Glebe area for years. Now they have...

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