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Albanese. Biden, Sunak, at AUKUS meeting. Issue #2085

Silencing dissent

Such are the festering contradictions in capitalism’s deepening crisis that it is but a short reach to connect the recent actions by balaclava-wearing fascists thugs...

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Weasel Words heading Issue #2033


RESPONSIBLE /rɪˈspɒn.sə.bəl/ A very useful word this one. You can be responsible for something, for example all governments claim to be responsible for good economic...

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Issue #2047


America: The Pentagon has blocked attempts by the US federal government to share alleged Russian war crimes in Ukraine with the International Criminal Court (ICC)...

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Issue #2014


While the Prime Minister was talking trade deals with the European Commission, who should pop up but Simon Crean, former ACTU President and erstwhile leader...

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Issue #2020

Scotty’s gotta go

With the Morrison government over, you’d think we’d have heard the end of it – but you’d be wrong! It turns out that former prime...

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Issue #2009

Loss of trust in government and public institutions in Australia

Every year, the Edelman Foundation publishes a “Trust Barometer.” The survey typically covers 25-28 countries, and deals with a number of categories, such as government,...

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Issue #2065


Some readers might remember the Michael Moore show Sicko about the US for-profit health system, where he campaigned for a patient to have a life-saving...

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Demonstration about jail standards. Issue #2086

A small demonstration outside Corrective Services was held

6 February to bring attention to failures of the NSW prison system. There have been been 3 deaths in custody already this year, and the...

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