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Apotheosis of Washington (detail) on the dome of the United States Capitol in Washington. Issue #2064

Why the US is a Fascist State

Anyone who has been to Washington DC and visited the Capitol, looking up at the Dome, the viewer is treated to an imposing sight. On...

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Issue #1954

The Lowy Institute and a review of Xi Jinping: the backlash

Australia has forty-two think tanks, of which the Lowy Institute for International Policy was ranked 64th in the world by the Think Tank and Civil Societies Program of 2018.

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President Lyndon Johnson driven through the streets of Melbourne after his car was splattered with paint. Issue #2061

50th anniversary of the last Australian troops in Vietnam

The 50th anniversary of the withdrawal of the last Australian troops, on 1st July 1973, marks the end of Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War....

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Space craft. Issue #2063

Space War?

The 1967 Outer Space Treaty (OST) between the United States and the Soviet Union sought all nations to avoid any future “land grab” leading to...

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Issue #2016

The real threat of the United States’ 800 foreign bases

Under the heading “Australia Faces Massive Existential Threat from China,” Christopher Joye writes that: “The spectre of Chinese nuclear submarines, destroyers, fighters and bombers based...

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Issue #2036

Three months in Detroit: capitalism & racism in a “segregated” city

I lived for three months in Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan. The house on Tyler Street was not far from Eight Mile Road. One side of...

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Issue #1951

Afghanistan, India and the Tapi Gas Pipeline

Since 9/11 the US has used the pretext of its “Global War on Terrorism” to develop a military position within GUAM ...

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Tereshkova in space helmet. Issue #2061

Tereshkova first woman in space

On 16th June 1963, at the age of 26, Valentina V Tereshkova became the first woman to fly in space, a major Soviet engineering and...

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Issue #2078

Rushing towards tipping points

A tipping point is a moment when things change so much there’s no going back. Climate tipping points are the critical thresholds at which a...

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Issue #1982

AUKUS is a direct threat to North Korea

While much has been said that AUKUS is a direct threat to China, little has been said that it is also a direct threat to North Korea.

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Issue #1990

Kim Jong Un and nuclear weapons

Ankit Panda is the Stanton Senior Fellow in the Nuclear Policy Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and touted as an Asia-Pacific region expert.

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Issue #1991

The UN must end sanctions against the DPRK

On 29th October 2021, China and Russia circulated a draft resolution to fifteen council members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), to ease sanctions on the DPRK.

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Issue #2017

Marx’s vampire capitalism and the present economic crisis

Friedrich Engels in his The Condition of the Working Class in England (1845) refers to “the vampire property-holding class.” Twenty years later, Karl Marx uses...

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US soldier in Shoalwater Bay during Talisman Sabre 2011. Issue #2058

Costly friendship: Australia and the US Civil War

With the AUKUS agreement, the United States military build-up in Australia and the upcoming Exercise Talisman Sabre war games, between the Australian Defence Force (ADF)...

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Daniel Ellsberg. Issue #2059

Daniel Ellsberg

Daniel Ellsberg, once known as “the most dangerous man in America,” died on 16th June 2023 at the age of 92. In 1969 he was...

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Issue #2001


The present war between Russia and Ukraine reveals the heavy hand of US imperialist intervention behind the scenes, making this a timely and important book....

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Issue #1992

Australia’s military deal with South Korea: a hidden past

On 13th December 2021, Australia signed an unprecedented billion-dollar defence contract with the Republic of South Korea (ROK).

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Issue #2030

The politics of Ukraine’s Holodomor “famine”

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese on the 12th October offered a package of military assistance to help Ukraine repel Russian troops from the east of the...

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Extracting the cacao beans after harvest. Issue #2078

Colombia’s “War on Drugs”

The Colombian government’s “War on Drugs” has been encouraged by the US government since the 1980s. In February 2023 the government of President Gustavo Petro...

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Issue #1975

The morals of the market: human rights and the rise of neoliberalism

With the beginning of the Cold War in 1947, Russia attacked the hypocrisy of the US and what it saw as its lack of Human Rights.

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Peace negotiations. Issue #2062

Korean war armistice: 70 years on

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of the Korean War (1951-1953). The war remains a humiliation for the US. On the 27th...

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Strikes in Scotland. Issue #2054

Five months of industrial action

While the nightly news broadcasts cover the strikes and violent clashes in France, the five months of continuing union industrial actions across Scotland have gone...

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flag of Chile Issue #2015

Chile’s new constitution recognises Indigenous rights

Chile’s new constitution will make it the third plurinational country in South America, after Ecuador and Bolivia. It is part of the sweeping reforms of...

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Issue #2020

Mass shootings in the USA and Australia

On 24th May 2022 an eighteen-year-old gunman, equipped with an AR-15 style semiautomatic rifle, murdered nineteen students and two teachers at a primary school in...

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Issue #2021

Chile after the coup

It has been nearly fifty years since the infamous coup in Chile on 11th September 1973. The world became aware of the heinous birth of...

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Issue #1998

Brisbane Branch Education class on Sharkey’s History of the Communist Party

Lawrence (Lance) L Sharkey (1898-1967) joined the Communist Party of Australia in 1922 and was later elected to the executive of the Federated Miscellaneous Workers’...

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Hands behind prison bars. Issue #2060

4th July: land of the un-free

Americans love to celebrate the 4th of July, commemorating their independence from Britain in 1776. School children and adults are taught that the United States...

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Issue #2008

The Washington consensus and growing World poverty

According to the recent World Bank report, From Crisis to Green, Resilient, and Inclusive Recovery (2021), the Third World is facing great hardships with increasing...

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Issue #1989

A system of political mendacity – perpetuating deceit against the DPRK

I met Michael Palin in Melbourne in the early 1990s, while he was promoting his most recent travel book.

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Issue #2098

Homeless Police and Health Care Workers

Homelessness is common throughout Queensland. It even impacts those with full-time work. The situation is so bad that homelessness now impacts police officers and health...

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Issue #2046

Call to end Cuban embargo: 63 years of suffering

On 10th February 2023, local councillors in Washington DC put up resolution PR25-0113 calling for the Biden administration to remove Cuba from the State Sponsors...

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'Endless Holocausts: US Imperialism as the Highest Stage of Capitalism' book cover. Issue #2073

‘Endless Holocausts: US Imperialism as the Highest Stage of Capitalism’ by David M Smith

Endless Holocausts: Mass Death in the History of the United States Empire by David M Smith is an encyclopaedic overview of the atrocities and the...

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Issue #2034

The Belize-Guatemala conflict and the role of Cuba

In September 2022 the Belize Defence Force and Coast Guard encountered five maritime vessels belonging to the Guatemalan Armed Forces, near Sarstoon Island in the...

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Issue #1999

The Menzies years

The Liberal Party has created an image of 1950s Australia as a golden age of order and prosperity under the government of Robert Menzies (1949–1966)....

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Sugar cane plantation, c 1923. Issue #2050

Sugar and blackbirding

The Queensland sugar industry annually generates $2 billion, and this industry began with indentured labour. In July 2021 the mayor of Bundaberg, Jack Dempsey, made...

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Issue #2000

The far-right in Ukraine and the Australian connection

Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that Russia’s military operation aims to “demilitarise” and “de-Nazify” Ukraine. He was referring to the Azov Battalion and other Extreme...

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Sky News helicopter. Issue #2061

Sky News

On 29th June Alexander Voltz of Sky News attacked the Palaszczuk government for wanting to change the name of Brisbane and its main streets to...

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Issue #2006

Weaponising culture: the CIA’s use of art, literature and music in the cold war

Today the CIA has illegal operations around the world, from gathering information on Americans to developing new forms of torture. What is little known is...

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Issue #2009

Trotskyism: Counter-Revolution in Disguise

Moissaye Joseph Olgin (1878–1939) was a Ukrainian-born writer, journalist, and translator. In 1922, he founded The Morning Freiheit, which he edited until his death in...

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Malcolm X. Issue #2054

Angela Davis and the importance of Malcolm X today

On 19th May 2023, Amy Goodman from Democracy Now! interviewed Angela Davis, author, feminist political activist and distinguished academic to mark Malcolm X’s birth on...

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Issue #1978

From the Accord to the IR Omnibus Bill

Over the past forty years, since the implementation of the Accord agreement between the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and the Australian Labor Party (ALP), wages and salaries have not progressed.

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Childers Issue #2015

“Inspiration and hope”

The morning of 23rd June came with a blustery cold wind to the town of Childers in Queensland. Particularly felt by myself and my fellow...

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Issue #2045

President Biden’s new discriminatory immigration policy

On 2nd February 2023, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that of the 998 children detained at the US-Mexico, border under the President...

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Prison cells. Issue #2064

The US Prison in film: A Marxist View

In the “land of the free,” millions languish in prisons in the name of law and order. The prison, as an institution, is used by...

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Issue #2046

Queensland police under fire

The Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, has begun to restructure the Queensland Police Service (QPS) in an attempt to eradicate the “significant problem” of sexism, racism,...

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Rice farmer. Issue #2066

Capitalism’s Global Food Crisis

The world is suffering from a dire food crisis. On 20 July India, the world’s leading rice exporter, supplying 40 per cent of the global...

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The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel de Foe. Cover artist: A F Lydon. Issue #2067

Marx and Robinson Crusoe: British Imperialism and the slave trade

Marxist literary criticism explains a literary work, a novel, through an analysis of the human-social relationships which reflect the economic base of the story, rather...

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Issue #2068

Angela Y. Davis – ‘Are Prisons Obsolete?’ revisited

In 1969 Dr Angela Y. Davis was fired from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) for being a member of the Communist Party USA...

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Several king penguins near Port-aux-Français station, Kerguelen Islands. Issue #2069

The Kerguelen Islands sale to China

On 15th July 2023 France offered to sell the Kerguelen Islands to China for 60 billion Euros. The sale would make China Australia’s newest neighbour....

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Salvador Allende. Issue #2069

50 years after the coup in Chile: The struggle continues

On 11th September 1973, the coup d’état under General Augusto Pinochet overthrew the president of Chile, Salvador Allende Gossens, the world’s first democratically elected socialist...

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Anti-gun rally - Issue #2053

US school shootings and gun manufacturing capitalism

On 29th January 1979 Brenda Spencer, a 16-year-old girl, shot and killed the principal and a custodian, and wounded eight children and a police officer...

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Issue #2013

Queensland comrades organise! – The CPA and the lower-Northern Qld tour

On Thursday the 23rd June, we arrived in Childers, the day commemorating the Childers Backpacker Tragedy. Sixteen young people were burnt to death at the...

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Lab work. Issue #2054

Queensland’s forensic debacle

On 16th May 2023, the Queensland Health Minister, Yvette D’Ath, announced that Queensland’s Health Forensic and Scientific Services (QFSS) have a backlog of more than...

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US dollars. Issue #2056

A history of US debt

The US Congress has approved a bill to lift the country’s US$31.4 trillion debt ceiling days before its default. The day after it passed the...

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'1000 Days of Revolution,' book cover. Issue #2073

‘1000 Days of Revolution’

Following the violent coup d’état in Chile on 11th September 1973, members of the Communist Party of Chile (CPC) escaped and later wrote on the...

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Issue #1996

Brisbane branch campaign against AUKUS, casualisation, and climate change

There is no rest for the Brisbane Branch of the CPA as we continue our campaign against the IR omnibus Bill, the AUKUS nuclear submarine...

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Colonial Africa – 1913. Issue #2078

Colonial powers give “regrets” – not apologies

Recently the imperialist nations of Britain, Spain, and Germany, have expressed “regrets” for the atrocities they committed, but failed to acknowledge that the true horror...

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Issue #2043

African slaves in colonial Australia

The Melbourne Gaol is famous for being the place where the bushranger, Ned Kelly, was hanged in 1880. In the early 1970s I saw a...

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Che t-shirt. Issue #2072

The Commodification of a Marxist Icon

In January 1974 I was staying at a cheap boarding house in La Paz, Bolivia, when plainclothes detectives came in to my room, saw the...

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‘The Fate of Food’ by Amanda Little book cover. Issue #2073

‘The Fate of Food’ by Amanda Little

Is new technology the solution to feeding the world? In The Fate of Food: What We’ll Eat in a Bigger, Hotter, Smarter World Amanda Little...

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Man next to shopping trolley. Issue #2065

USA: Hunger and food insecurity

The United States is a net exporter of food, yet hunger is a worsening phenomenon with many Americans unable to buy basic foods, due to...

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Issue #1996

Unions join to give voice on job casualisation and COVID-19

It was great to see so many people joining together to listen and give voice to the major problems of casualisation and the pandemic that...

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Issue #2040

Anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism

The recent fighting in the Gaza Strip has claimed the lives of 47 Palestinians, including 17 children, as Israeli forces targeted leaders of the Palestinian...

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Issue #2039

US imperialism and the gangs of LA

By November 2022 over 58,000 people, accused of having gang affiliations had been arrested in El Salvador, filling up its already overcrowded prisons. Most arrests...

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Parade on the Kim Il Sung Square. Issue #2070

DPRK celebrates 75 years of independence, self-reliance and peace

On 9th September the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) celebrated 75 years since its founding under Kim Il Sung, the general secretary of the...

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Front cover of Issue #2079

Climate Change Adaptation Plan for Australian Birds

Since the 1940s Australia has seen some dramatic climatic changes, such as changes in temperature, rainfall, CO₂ concentration and Ocean dynamics, with extreme events –...

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Greenville, NC Police Department. Issue #2064

The Police-Industrial-Complex

US citizens believe they have the right to representative democracy, freedom of speech, religious worship, a free press, and equality before the law with a...

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Issue #2044

US Congress passes the “Denouncing the Horrors of Socialism” Bill

On 7th February, 2023, the US House of Representatives passed the “Denouncing the Horrors of Socialism” Bill, with 219 Republicans and 109 Democrats voting for...

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Police violence in US. Issue #2058

US Police Violence

On 16th June the US Justice Department announced that the Minneapolis Police Department needed to be reformed. The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division had launched...

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Issue #2074

Qld’s housing debacle

According to A Blueprint to Tackle Queensland’s Housing Crisis, by Professor Hal Pawson of the University of New South Wales, since the outbreak of COVID,...

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Issue #2050

63 years: A call to end the Cuban blockade

On 10th February 2023, local councillors in Washington DC put up resolution PR25-0113 calling for the Biden administration to remove Cuba from the State Sponsors...

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Issue #2035

CPA National School – Brisbane

In November, the Brisbane Branch held its CPA National Party School. It began with a Trivia night on Friday, at the Labour Trades Hall in...

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Issue #2059

Slaughter House Juneteenth

Across the US multiple shootings marred the Juneteenth weekend, leaving thirteen dead and more than 100 wounded. In Chicago at least 70 people were shot,...

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Issue #2004

Education class on the Constitution of the Communist Party Of Australia

The Brisbane Branch of the Communist Party of Australia (CPA) recently held its second education class, with branches from across Australia joining in via Zoom....

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Flowers and ribbon for Victory Day. Issue #2053

De-Sovietisation and the rise of the far right

This year’s Victory Day celebrations in Germany were held on 9th May at the Soviet Memorial Tiergarten in Berlin. Two men dressed in Soviet Union...

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Bernardo Arévalo. Issue #2070

Centre-left win in Guatemala

Nearly seventy years after the CIA-backed coup in 1954, the Left has finally won the presidency in Guatemala. Bernardo Arévalo, of the centre-left Movimiento Semilla...

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Issue #2043

Book Banning American Style

For anyone who is a book lover what is happening across the USA will be shocking. Over the past year, a nationwide campaign has removed...

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Issue #2044

Bird vagrancy: an indicator of global climatic changes

In October 2022 a young Bar-Tailed Godwit broke a world record by flying non-stop from Alaska to Ansons Bay, Tasmania, 13,560 km in 11 days....

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Chess Issue #2098

Socialism through chess: the USSR, Cuba and the politics of Chess

Chess is a game of intellect, discipline, and strategic thinking. It’s is an equaliser in which a peasant, once taught, can play as well as...

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Francisco Franco. Issue #2065

The failure of the far right in the Spanish elections

The recent Spanish general election is a turning point in the rise of the far right. Polls had predicted that the ultra-nationalist VOX party would...

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Issue #2047

Queensland police corruption report

In 1987 the Fitzgerald Inquiry, The Commission of Inquiry into Possible Illegal Activities and Associated Police Misconduct, began investigations into the corruption by the Queensland...

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Palestine support rally in Perth. Issue #2075

Israeli Apartheid

While the world was shocked at the recent Hamas attack, the Western media has given little analysis to the background of for the attacks on...

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Israeli flag on Masada. Issue #2077

Australia: A History of Supporting Israel

On 28 October, 120 member states of the UN General Assembly voted Yes to the resolution for an immediate truce to provide aid to the...

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Issue #2044

Black troops killed by white US soldiers

There has long been a rumour in Queensland that dozens of African American troops were killed by their white officers during World War II, but...

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Issue #2047

US maternal death rate highest in developed world

According to a recent report by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) maternal mortality rose by 40 per cent at the height...

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Community meeting regarding a mining project, Guatemala, 2005. Issue #2051

Guatemala’s Indigenous communities take on the mining TNCs

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, announced in 2020, that the production of Tesla electric car batteries required an exponential need for nickel, cobalt, lithium,...

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Issue #2072

Fighting with America

In September 1951, during the Korean War, Australia and New Zealand, signed the ANZUS treaty. In Fighting with America James Curran, Professor of History at...

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Henry Kissinger. Issue #2082

Henry Kissinger: War criminal guilty of 3 million dead

Henry Kissinger died at home on 30 November, aged 100, never having been tried for his war crimes. He had been a leading diplomat, serving...

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Talisman Sabre war games in Queensland – June 2005. Issue #2055

US Military Build-up in Australia

In the upcoming Exercise Talisman Sabre war games, between the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and United States military, an expected 30,000 military personnel will participate...

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Fred Paterson 1950. Issue #2074

CPA Qld Party School

The Brisbane and Sunshine Coast branches of the Communist Party of Australia jointly hosted this year’s Queensland Party School, held the Waterloo Bay Hotel. Presenters...

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Willie Wagtail, Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve, NT. Issue #2075

Our silent skies

Over the past fifty years modern intensified agricultural has used new technology and mechanisation, changes in farming practices and operations and agrochemical inputs – weedicides,...

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Issue #2071

Waving for the Voice

Queensland: on 16th September, fellow Sunshine Coast Branch member and frequent Guardian writer Graham Holton and I embarked on a series of unorthodox but effective...

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Harry Belafonte at the 2010 Hubert H. Humphrey Civil and Human Rights Award Dinner. Issue #2051

Harry Belafonte: Civil Rights and the United Fruit Company

Harry Belafonte (Harold George Bellanfanti Jr.) died on 25th March, aged 96. He is remembered not only as a Black singer and actor, but also...

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Issue #2076

Criticism of Israel and Zionism is not antisemitism

On 13th October SkyNews asked former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett about the plight of Palestinians in Gaza. Bennett shouted back “are you serious? these...

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Issue #2041

US Health Care – A failure at every level

In Michigan, a man falling off his bicycle had obvious injuries and I offered to drive him to a public hospital for treatment. He refused,...

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Lech Wałęsa, June 2014. Issue #2057

Half million march against Poland’s far-right PiS

On 5th June half a million people waving Polish and European Union flags marched through central Warsaw. It was the largest political rally in Poland...

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Issue #2081

Neither Confirm nor Deny – How the Glomar Mission Shielded the CIA from Transparency

In the 1970s scientific journals such as Scientific American had numerous articles on the mineral bonanza being recovered from the deep ocean floors. In 1975...

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US soldier in Shoalwater Bay during Talisman Sabre 2011. Issue #2052

Australia-USA exercise Talisman Sabre: Preparing for war in Taiwan

According to the Australian Minister for Defence, Richard Marles, Exercise Talisman Sabre is the largest war game ever held between the Australian Defence Force (ADF)...

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Beach Issue #2071

Poverty and homelessness on the Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is two hours drive north of Brisbane. It is a collection of towns and farms extending from its famous beaches to the...

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Friedrich Engels Issue #2069

Engels and pizza: Sunshine Coast Branch gets educated

In July the Sunshine Coast Branch of Queensland had its first education class, examining Friedrich Engels’ Principles of Communism. Written in 1847 it was the...

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Replica of the Koh-i-Noor (Mountain of Light). Issue #2055

US$45 trillion looted

The meeting of the Quad leaders, on 20th May 2023, has given special political influence to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi of India, and his...

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Philip Lowe. Issue #2057

RBA: technically Insolvent, morally bankrupt

According to its website, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) determines the policy of the Central Bank and undertakes the actions necessary to ensure that...

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Issue #2066

Sunshine Coast Branch – YES Campaign

The Sunshine Coast Branch was very active in July with our YES campaign flier and banner drop. The region north of Brisbane covers a diverse...

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