The Guardian • Guatemala

Issue #2034

The Belize-Guatemala conflict and the role of Cuba

In September 2022 the Belize Defence Force and Coast Guard encountered five maritime vessels belonging to the Guatemalan Armed Forces, near Sarstoon Island in the...

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Issue #2062


SYRIA: The Syrians gave a green light last week for the United Nations to use a key crossing from Turkey to the country’s rebel-held north-west...

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Quill and ink . Issue #2071


Supporting Democracy – sometimes Dear Comrade Editor, I notice in your article about the Guatemala election (‘Victory in Guatemala’), the following sentence: ‘US Secretary of...

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Bernardo Arévalo. Issue #2070

Centre-left win in Guatemala

Nearly seventy years after the CIA-backed coup in 1954, the Left has finally won the presidency in Guatemala. Bernardo Arévalo, of the centre-left Movimiento Semilla...

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Community meeting regarding a mining project, Guatemala, 2005. Issue #2051

Guatemala’s Indigenous communities take on the mining TNCs

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, announced in 2020, that the production of Tesla electric car batteries required an exponential need for nickel, cobalt, lithium,...

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