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Issue #2075

Freedom for Palestine: Naarm / Melbourne

On Sunday 15th October, thousands of Victorians from all walks of life gathered in front of the State Library of Victoria in one of the...

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Friends of Palestine WA organised a rally on the 13th October attended by over 1000 people. Issue #2075

Freedom for Palestine rally: Boorloo / Perth

Following the attacks by Hamas forces on Israel on 7th October, after years of constant attacks on the Palestinian people, Israel began its brutal retaliation...

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An armoured Land Rover used by Reuters for reporting in Palestine. Issue #2081

Letter from journalists to Australian media outlets

(Editor’s note: attached is an open letter from Australian journalists. It has been signed by just under 300 journalists so far. Disgracefully, Nine, which publishes...

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Issue #2075

Suck it up, Summers!

One response to the Hamas attack on Israel and the ongoing atrocities Israel is committing in retaliation has been to try to close down criticism...

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Israeli flag on Masada. Issue #2082

Anti-semitism and Israel

I think the reports in The West Australian that there has been a more than 500 per cent increase in anti-Semitism should be treated with...

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Issue #2085


Among the many aspects of Israel’s aggression against the Palestinians is the claim by Israel that resistance forces such as Hamas will not acknowledge Israel’s...

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Rally for Palestine in Perth. Issue #2076

Criminal Israel

Israel is carrying out collective punishment, committing the most barbarous and cruel atrocities on an unarmed civilian population who are confined to a small area...

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Sydney rallies for Palestine. Issue #2077

Ceasefire NOW!

Around the world hundreds of thousands of people are taking protest actions, calling for an immediate ceasefire so that food, water and medical aid can...

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Issue #2080

Look who’s talking

It’s great to have a free press. We can hear the unvarnished truth about everything, and really see the world the way it is. Australians...

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Rally for Palestine, Sydney, 21 January. Issue #2084

Stop Israel’s genocidal assault!

Millions of people around the world continue to mobilise with marches and rallies calling for a permanent ceasefire and an independent Palestinian state. Australia is...

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Rally for Palesine, Sydney Issue #2081

20,000 Palestinians murdered by Israel

Almost 15,000 Palestinians have been killed during Israel’s genocidal offensive against the people of Palestine following Hamas’ raid on 7 October. At least another 6800...

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