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Issue #1998

Brisbane Branch Education class on Sharkey’s History of the Communist Party

Lawrence (Lance) L Sharkey (1898-1967) joined the Communist Party of Australia in 1922 and was later elected to the executive of the Federated Miscellaneous Workers’...

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Issue #2022

The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic: socialist construction 1921-1941

This is part two of a series on the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, which was a founding republic of the Soviet Union (founded in 1922)....

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Half the Sky column logo Issue #2103


Skye Dannaher In the shadow of Australia’s colonial history, the voices of First Nations women resonate with a profound urgency, particularly in the realm of...

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Issue #1995

Commonwealth pushes to rework national curriculum

Federal Education Minister Stuart Robert has gone public with his belief that school curriculums should be teaching our kids “what it means to be Australian.”...

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Issue #1969

What value has the country’s keeper of our history?

It says a lot about the values and priorities of the Morrison government when the body responsible for protecting Australia’s historical records is forced to go to the public with a begging bowl to save hundreds of thousands of important historical records.

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Issue #1990

50th anniversary of the founding of the Socialist Party of Australia

The 5th December is an important date for us at the Communist Party of Australia (CPA).

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Issue #2093

History is a class question

When US journalist John Reed called his account of the October Revolution in Russia Ten Days That Shook the World, he was not exaggerating. The...

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Fred Paterson 1950. Issue #2074

CPA Qld Party School

The Brisbane and Sunshine Coast branches of the Communist Party of Australia jointly hosted this year’s Queensland Party School, held the Waterloo Bay Hotel. Presenters...

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Issue #2037

CPA History Website

The party has a website dedicated to its 100-year history. It is called www.100redyears.org. During the Party’s centenary an exhibition was planned. However, the COVID...

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