The Guardian • homeless

Issue #1954

National crisis for Australian renters

On census night in 2016, an estimated 116,000 people were experiencing homelessness across Australia.

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Issue #1998

Homelessness epidemic

Having a roof over your head and a safe living space is not a privilege as capitalists would have us believe. It is a basic...

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Issue #2005

Shelter a basic human right

Australia is facing a massive housing crisis. As it becomes increasingly more difficult to find affordable rental accommodation, governments are turning their backs on renters...

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Issue #1975

Housing is a human right: tackling homelessness

Safe, secure, and healthy housing is a basic human need and right. But in the capitalist system, this right does not exist, as instead housing is a commodity and avenue for profit-making of the wealthy.

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Issue #2015

The devil in the details of the “housing crisis”

In part one, we revealed that approximately one-fifth of households surveyed by the 2021 Census own nearly fifty per cent of the total amount of...

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Issue #2031

Class war budget

The budget, delivered on 25th October, is set in the context of a looming global recession, ongoing wars, rocketing prices, extreme weather events, famine, and...

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