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Prison cells. Issue #2064

The US Prison in film: A Marxist View

In the “land of the free,” millions languish in prisons in the name of law and order. The prison, as an institution, is used by...

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Issue #1971

Assange: when the process is the punishment

Australian Wikileaks journalist Julian Assange spent his fiftieth birthday in a London-based high-security prison earlier this month ...

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Issue #2052


Courtesy of the Morning Star comes news that imprisoned journalist Julian Assange has written to Charles Windsor inviting him to visit him in His Majesty’s...

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youth behind fence Issue #2049

NT: Jailing your way out of crime never works

Lawyers are concerned that new bail laws recently passed in the NT will not reduce crime and will disproportionately affect Indigenous people. The Criminal Lawyers...

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youth behind fence Issue #2052

ATSILS alert

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services (ATSILS) around Australia are calling on the federal government to deliver a $250 million emergency support package to...

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Demonstration about jail standards. Issue #2086

A small demonstration outside Corrective Services was held

6 February to bring attention to failures of the NSW prison system. There have been been 3 deaths in custody already this year, and the...

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Issue #2088


This editorial is written one day before Julian Assange’s last trial hearing. Significantly, Assange himself is too sick to attend the hearing, after years being...

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