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Issue #1952

Russia denounces Biden for only giving them “a few minutes of warning” before the US attack on Syria

The attack ordered by US President Joe Biden against Syria received condemnation from Damascus and Moscow ...

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Issue #1953

Mismatch: Biden bombs Syria while pushing progressive economic bill at home

An old dichotomy that’s haunted many Democratic administrations – pushing ostensibly progressive economic and social policies at home in the US while pursuing imperialist aims abroad – has returned.

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Issue #1952

16 million risk starvation in Yemen, says UN as Saudi war rages

More than 16 million people in Yemen will go hungry this year, a United Nations agency warned today ahead of a conference to drum up humanitarian aid.

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Issue #1963

The US’ unilateral coercive policies and the truth about Venezuela

Washington’s aggression against Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and other countries is a flagrant violation of human rights.

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Issue #1969

“We deserve respect and peace”

The Nicaraguan government has expressed concerns over foreign interference in its upcoming 7th November general election to determine the next President ...

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Issue #1968

US seizes Iranian news websites

The United States has committed yet another act of piracy, this time digital.

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Issue #1950

Yemen’s Victory against War

The new Biden administration announced it will end US support for offensive operations in Yemen, following a six-year war which has claimed the lives of over 200,000 innocent Yemenis ...

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Issue #1972

Somalia today

In the early 1960s, Somalia – a country of some 10mil people – was one of the first African countries to enjoy a democratic transfer...

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Issue #1959

Putin’s Presidential address

On April 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the Federal Assembly, a combined gathering of members of the Federation Council (Senators), the State Duma (Parliamentarians), Cabinet ministers, Regional Governors, representatives of selected State Departments, Agencies and the media.

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Issue #1964

Western narratives attempt to twist Belarus flight story

Ryanair Flight 4978, flying on the 23rd of May from Athens, Greece to Vilnius, Lithuania, was forced to make an unexpected detour to land in Minsk, Belarus.

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Issue #1971

Horn of Africa

It is almost impossible to find out any news of what is happening in Africa.

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Issue #1965

US meddling comes under many disguises

Despite all the catastrophising Western reporting on the passage of the Hong Kong national security law almost a year ago, there has been mostly silence...

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