The Guardian • Iran

Issue #1957

Iran demands international response against “nuclear terrorism”

The head of the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran (AEOI) has rejected an “act of sabotage” against the country’s nuclear site in Natanz, noting that the international community ...

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Issue #1963

The US’ unilateral coercive policies and the truth about Venezuela

Washington’s aggression against Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and other countries is a flagrant violation of human rights.

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Issue #1968

US seizes Iranian news websites

The United States has committed yet another act of piracy, this time digital.

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Issue #1964

Venezuela, Russia and China: the route to a multipolar world

The current global order is experiencing tension caused in the main by US-backed imperial power.

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Issue #2045


IRAN, SAUDI ARABIA: The two countries reached an agreement that includes the resumption of diplomatic relations and re-opening of diplomatic missions within two months. They...

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Issue #2040


THE PHILIPPINES: The US and the Philippines announced plans for four more US bases to be established in the Philippines. The agreement was reached during...

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Issue #2039

Left behind

Refugee advocates had called on Prime Minister Albanese to use his recent visit to Papua New Guinea (PNG) to ensure that no refugees or people...

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