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Rally in support of Cuba, Perth. Issue #2104

Solidarity in an unequal world

The following is a speech given by Cuban Ambassador of Ireland, Bernardo Guanche Henandez, at this year’s James Connolly Commemoration at Arbour Hill in Dublin:...

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Issue #1982

Electoral participation: tactic or sell-out?

The earliest recorded form of government is said to have been that of the Sumerians in fourth-century Mesopotamia (Iraq).

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Issue #1981

Derry Girls

Derry Girls is genuinely amusing and exciting – well worth a look regardless of the viewer’s ideological bias or how much that viewer is interested in Irish politics.

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Issue #2011

The break-up of Britain revisited

Is the “United Kingdom” at long last set to break up? Sinn Fein has recently overcome a biased electoral system in Northern Ireland to achieve...

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Tin Can Alley entertaining comrades at the Curry Night. Issue #2015

Curry with comrades night – a CPA SA tradition

Through a close association with the Port Adelaide United Workers’ Club, the CPA Port Adelaide branch has access to two fine venues for celebrations and...

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Global briefs Issue #2068


RUSSIA: The Kremlin last week rejected allegations that it was behind a plane crash that is presumed to have killed mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin. Kremlin...

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In Borloo/Perth, about 500 people attended a snap rally in solidarity with the people of Rafah. Speakers called for the recognition of Palestine and a permanent ceasefire. Issue #2102

Gaza: Biden’s ‘red lines’ lie

Israeli atrocities and war crimes continue. Western leaders continue to act out grief, even outrage, but nothing is done. A few courageous exceptions, such as...

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