The Guardian • JobKeeper

Issue #1973

Businesses exploit JobKeeper subsidy

It has been revealed that businesses have rorted the JobKeeper program during 2020, with many of them using it to turn a profit.

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Issue #1975

Centrelink forces workers to pay back JobKeeper profits

Centrelink has demanded the return of excess JobKeeper funds from recipients while not demanding the same from businesses who turned a profit while accessing the scheme.

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Issue #1958

JobKeeper used to profit the corporations, not help people

The purpose of JobKeeper should have been to help keep the working class employed during a once-in-a-century pandemic that devastated the global economy. However ...

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Issue #2008

Private schools got richer under JobKeeper

To say that JobKeeper was a program designed to benefit the ruling class during the pandemic would be an understatement. As we have seen, Harvey...

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Issue #1971

Bring back Jobkeeper!

Thousands of workers face a substantial loss of income with the extension of lockdowns in Victoria and NSW and a new one in South Australia.

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