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Issue #1981

British spooks remain tight-lipped over alleged CIA plot to assassinate Assange

British spooks remained tight-lipped today after questions posed over an alleged CIA plot to kidnap and assassinate Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in London.

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Issue #1977

A day in the death of British justice

The reputation of British justice now rests on the shoulders of the High Court in the life or death case of Julian Assange.

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Issue #2005

Extradition “death sentence” for Assange

The UK court has given its stamp of approval for WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange to be delivered into the hands of the United States’ justice...

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Issue #2019

Free Julian/Hiroshima day rally – Perth

“One of the ways to achieve justice, is to expose injustice.” – Julian Assange On the 6th August 2022, Perth for Assange,  together with StopAukusWA,...

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Issue #2034

John Shipton calls for the release of his son Julian Assange from prison and return to Australia

On Saturday 19th November 2022, John Shipton spoke at a rally in Perth calling for the release of his son Julian Assange, the founder of...

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Issue #1971

Assange: when the process is the punishment

Australian Wikileaks journalist Julian Assange spent his fiftieth birthday in a London-based high-security prison earlier this month ...

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Issue #2014

Assange rally – Adelaide

CPA members in Adelaide attended the recent rally in support of journalist and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. In light of British Home Secretary Priti Patel’s...

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Issue #2011

Bring Assange home!

Julian Assange is still awaiting extradition to the US, which, as of the time of writing, is awaiting approval from UK Home Secretary Priti Patel....

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Issue #2012

CPA statement on Julian Assange

The Communist Party of Australia condemns in the strongest possible terms the decision by the UK government to extradite Julian Assange to the United States....

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Issue #2039

Creeping encroachment on press freedom

The Labor government has announced that it will hold a national roundtable with media organisations and “key stake holders” to discuss press freedom reform. The...

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