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Issue #2046

Overproduction – Crazy capitalism

In 1867, Karl Marx wrote of capitalism’s inherent tendency towards overproduction and underconsumption (not enough goods reaching those that need them). No more vulgar example...

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Issue #2047

175 years of reading the Communist Manifesto

Of course, we have all read, and all do read the Communist Manifesto. This year as we celebrate its 175th anniversary it is imperative to...

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Modern Political Economy – A New Coursebook Issue #2096

Modern Political Economy – A New Coursebook

Those who have struggled through Marx’s Capital will find this a must read and study. As a coursebook it is written in accessible language and...

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Issue #2088


Research into the potential climate impact of burning fossil fuels dates back at least 70 years. (Green Notes, Guardian #2086) But the impact of human...

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Issue #2073


Karl Marx exposed the real meaning of “free trade” in 1848. “What is free trade under the present condition of society?” he asked. “It is...

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Issue #2043

The Communist Manifesto turns 175

In Sydney, comrades are getting ready to demonstrate at Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s office against the government’s plan to spend an insane amount on preparations...

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