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Joon outside the Victoria Market, Melbourne Issue #2066

“Keep Fighting AUKUS”

Joon Shik Shin’s business card gives his profession as “peace activist.” He has been a long-time worker for unions and the peace movement in both...

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Peace negotiations. Issue #2062

Korean war armistice: 70 years on

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the end of the Korean War (1951-1953). The war remains a humiliation for the US. On the 27th...

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Global briefs Issue #2063


KENYA: Police have been ordered not to report deaths amid protests against the rising cost of living. While police in Kenya have long been accused...

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Issue #2072

Fighting with America

In September 1951, during the Korean War, Australia and New Zealand, signed the ANZUS treaty. In Fighting with America James Curran, Professor of History at...

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