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Quill and ink . Issue #2083


Dear Comrade Editor, 21st January, 1924 is indelibly etched in my memory after having visited the Gorki Palace just a few kilometres from Moscow in...

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David Matters at the CPA Conference 2024 Issue #2086

Lenin: Marxism from the universal to the specific

The recent Communist Party Organising Conference in Sydney this January coincided with the 100th anniversary of Lenin’s death. As part of a celebration of Lenin’s...

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Issue #2004

Lenin’s legacy: working class leadership in the fight for democracy

Lenin walks around the world . . . The sun sets like a scar, Between the darkness and the dawn, There rises a red star....

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Issue #2047

175 years of reading the Communist Manifesto

Of course, we have all read, and all do read the Communist Manifesto. This year as we celebrate its 175th anniversary it is imperative to...

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Lenin Issue #2095

Happy Birthday, Lenin

Ninety-five years ago, the African-American poet Langston Hughes wrote, “Lenin walks around the world, Frontiers cannot bar him … Lenin walks around the world, Black,...

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Issue #2024

Melbourne hosts another successful CPA National School

Who started smoking cigars earlier, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Fidel Castro? Which scientific discovery was announced in The Daily Worker (a British communist paper) before anyone...

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Lenin Issue #2083


One hundred years ago, on 21 January 1924, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, known to the world as Lenin, passed away. To paraphrase Engels’ words on Marx,...

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Book cove - Issue #2107

The last stage of capitalism

In defining imperialism, Lenin pointed to qualitative changes within capitalism. First and foremost of these is the development of monopoly capitalism. “… the rise of...

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CPA General Secretary, Andrew Irving, addressing the Organising Conference. Issue #2084

CPA Organising Conference – UNITY IN ACTION

On the weekend of 19-21 January, the CPA hosted an organising conference that brought together comrades from across the country in Sydney on Gadigal Country....

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Issue #2081


Lenin said of the Paris Commune that to Marx it was “more important than hundreds of programs and arguments,” because the Commune was real action,...

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