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Issue #1957

Surging commodity prices put pressure on Chinese manufacturing firms

Surges in bulk commodity prices are putting pressure on China’s manufacturing sector, pushing authorities and industry participants to seek plans to stabilise the market to fend off potential disruptions and risks.

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Issue #1993

Logistics and manufacturing industries in chaos due to government’s Omicron crises

The recent Omicron crises, the result of the incompetent Coalition government’s “let it rip” strategy, is reeking chaos in Australia’s logistics industry. High numbers of...

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Traditional and modern China. Issue #2067

China’s good momentum

The good momentum of China’s economic development is conducive to the economy of Australia and the world. Achieving modernisation is a dream that the Chinese...

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Issue #2074


USA: US Republican House Representative Marjory Taylor Greene has raised concerns about the weapons Hamas militants used in their attack on Israel. Greene suggested in...

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