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Albanese. Biden, Sunak, at AUKUS meeting. Issue #2085

Silencing dissent

Such are the festering contradictions in capitalism’s deepening crisis that it is but a short reach to connect the recent actions by balaclava-wearing fascists thugs...

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Issue #2032

Huge union delegation supports Gomeroi rights against Santos’s First Nations and environmental destruction

The union movement has mobilised in solidarity with the Gomeroi people’s struggle against the climate-wrecking Pilliga/Narrabri coal seam gas mining operation on Gomeroi lands in...

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Quill and ink . Issue #2079


THE BLACK ARMADA Dear Comrade, I was very interested to read the recent article* about the MUA twilight commemoration event at Darling Harbour to remember...

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Issue #2034

Svitzer’s bosses are on strike, not their workers

At a meeting facilitated by Fair Work Commission Vice President Hatcher, Svitzer Towage bosses refused to voluntarily withdraw the lockout threat which looms over 17...

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Issue #2049


The latest Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report into mesothelioma was released today. Mesothelioma is an aggressive form of cancer in the mesothelium –...

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Offshore wind turbines Issue #2062

Maritime Union win on renewables

Australian maritime workers continue to benefit from the fast pace of investment and expansion of offshore renewable energy projects around our coastline. The Maritime Union...

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CPA supports a Issue #2052

Thomas Mayo speaks on the Voice

Maritime workers around Australia are hearing from the Union’s National Indigenous Officer, Thomas Mayo, at meetings around the country, about the union’s long-term support for...

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Issue #2041


The Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) says the release of the new National Cultural Policy, Revive, is a major show of faith in the...

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Issue #2040

Australian Strategic Shipping Fleet Taskforce progress

The Australian Shipping, Strategic Fleet Taskforce – established by the Albanese Federal government to advise on the implementation of its pre-election promise to revitalise Australian...

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Issue #2050

MUA goes hard for renewable energy

The Commonwealth government is holding a consultation on declaring an “Offshore Renewable Energy Area” off the coast of Newcastle, running from Port Stephens south to...

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Issue #2080

“End war crimes in Palestine”

The Palestinian Justice Movement Sydney has led an action in Port Botany in protest at the Israeli-owned ZIM shipping line which frequents Australia’s largest container...

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Issue #2046

Illawarra renewable energy zone to deliver long-term work

Maritime workers living and working in the Illawarra are excited by the opportunities and long-term industry development that will come from the declaration by the...

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Maritime Union’s Quadrennial National Conference Adelaide 2024 Issue #2090

Maritime Union’s Quadrennial National Conference

The Maritime Union’s Quadrennial National Conference, from 26 February to 1 March, took place at the Adelaide Convention Centre with 500 delegates from around Australia...

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group shot Issue #2094

No more interference. No more coercion. No more sanctions. End the blockade and let Cuba live!

On the weekend of 6-7 April, friends of Cuba from across Australia convened at the Maritime Union in Sydney for the 39th edition of the...

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Issue #2047

“Port Kembla, not Fort Kembla”

Last month the Maritime Union of Australia’s (MUA) Southern NSW Branch Secretary Mick Cross welcomed news that Port Kembla will become a large-scale venue for...

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Wind mill – wind energy. Issue #2064

MUA rallies for respect for workers

Australian maritime workers converged in Melbourne to rally at the Australia Wind Energy conference at South Wharf, to draw attention to the actions of global...

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Comrade Jim “Jimmy” Donovan adresses the Conference. Issue #2084

Comrade ‘Jimmy’ Donovan

Comrade Jim “Jimmy” Donovan is a lifelong member of the Communist Party of Australia where he is a member of the Maritime branch in Sydney...

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Issue #2093

CPA Statement

The Communist Party of Australia has followed the events that took place at Sydney’s Port Botany on Sunday 24 March in which 19 protestors were...

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Issue #2093


“Extra proud to be a communist today.” This was the reaction of one Communist Party of Australia member to the news that Paul Keating, known...

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Issue #2057

Maritime Union of Australia launches Voice to Parliament film

The documentary film COME WALK WITH US premiered on 7th June, introduced by executive producer Thomas Mayo. Mayo is a former wharfie, an author, a...

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