The Guardian • Marxism

Issue #2030

Marxism at the centre of the CPC’s Twentieth National Congress

It has been quite some time since a Communist Party’s national congress has attracted worldwide attention. I speak of the Communist Party of China’s (CPC)...

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Issue #2018

Wages do not cause inflation

Inflation has now risen to 6.1 per cent nationally and workers are feeling the pinch. At the same time corporations and big capital are making...

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David Matters at the CPA Conference 2024 Issue #2086

Lenin: Marxism from the universal to the specific

The recent Communist Party Organising Conference in Sydney this January coincided with the 100th anniversary of Lenin’s death. As part of a celebration of Lenin’s...

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Issue #2018

CPC and World Marxist Political Parties Forum 2022

The Communist Party of Australia is grateful to be able to contribute at this important forum and thanks the Communist Party of China for providing...

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Issue #2004

Lenin’s legacy: working class leadership in the fight for democracy

Lenin walks around the world . . . The sun sets like a scar, Between the darkness and the dawn, There rises a red star....

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Issue #2102

Socialism versus capitalism – connection versus alienation

What makes a ten-year old child commit suicide? What makes a 17-year-old girl stab her younger sister? What drives someone to become a mass killer?...

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Issue #2009

Trotskyism: Counter-Revolution in Disguise

Moissaye Joseph Olgin (1878–1939) was a Ukrainian-born writer, journalist, and translator. In 1922, he founded The Morning Freiheit, which he edited until his death in...

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The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel de Foe. Cover artist: A F Lydon. Issue #2067

Marx and Robinson Crusoe: British Imperialism and the slave trade

Marxist literary criticism explains a literary work, a novel, through an analysis of the human-social relationships which reflect the economic base of the story, rather...

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Jharrel Jerome. Issue #2070

The politics of Boots Riley’s ‘I’m a Virgo’

Boots Riley’s Amazon Prime Video series I’m A Virgo has naturally been cast as a coming-of-age story. It is, of course, a story about an...

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Modern Political Economy – A New Coursebook Issue #2096

Modern Political Economy – A New Coursebook

Those who have struggled through Marx’s Capital will find this a must read and study. As a coursebook it is written in accessible language and...

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Shared future for mankind. Issue #2102

China’s ‘Shared future for humankind’

For over a decade the People’s Republic of China has established the policy framework “Shared Future for Humankind” (literally in Chinese, 훙잚 츱頓 묾谿竟, rénlèi...

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Issue #2034

Fight back against anti-education rhetoric

Pauline Hanson is doing what she does best: pushing bills that further marginalise minority communities that don’t fit into her conservative outlook. This time, Hanson...

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