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Issue #2003

Mental health crisis

Suicide in Australia is the leading cause of death for people aged between fifteen and forty-four with one in five people being diagnosed with a...

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Issue #2018

Workplace deaths and serious injuries on the rise

Since 2018 there has been a thirty-two per cent increase in deaths at work and an eight per cent increase in serious workplace injuries. There...

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Issue #1969

Capitalism and mental health

Mental illness has become an epidemic.

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Issue #2029

Anti-poverty protest – Adelaide

Poverty is about people struggling, and becoming sick, less employable and ultimately homeless, especially if survival on “jobseeker” is involved. These were the stories of...

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Issue #2017


The 1959 act that brought the Reserve Bank of Australia into being, stated in its objectives that the bank will be committed to full employment,...

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Issue #2032

A peace & peoples’ budget

Annual budgets are a mirror held up to the class divide. The income and expenditure sides of the budget come down to priorities. The budget...

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Issue #2018

Listen to the science! State of the environment report

During the 2019-2020 bushfires thirty-three lives were lost, more than seven million hectares were burnt, more than 3,000 home destroyed. In the most recent floods,...

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Issue #1956

Parliament calls for Royal Commission into Veteran Suicides

On 22nd March, the House of Representatives joined the Senate in passing a motion calling for the establishment of a Royal Commission into Veteran Suicides. The government has been reluctant to call for the establishment of a Royal Commission, taking the less drastic step of appointing a National Commissioner last year, but Scott Morrison eventually conceded that the government would support the motion.

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Issue #2043

Privatisation inquiry call

The Sydney public hospital now controlled in the Cayman Islands is not subject to penalties for healthcare failures. Michael West reports on calls for a...

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Issue #2039

We can’t afford support!

Results from the SANE Bridging the Gaps Survey shows the Federal government must listen to people who live with complex mental illness. A new survey...

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Issue #2015

Policy-induced violence

At least one child is killed by a parent every month; one woman is murdered every week by a partner or former partner; another hospitalised...

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Issue #2044


Australian governments are quick to point the finger at human rights abuses in other countries, but Australia’s record is nothing short of disgraceful when it...

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