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Issue #2004

Fighter jets or green electricity

On 28th March, the government came clean on one of its’ worst kept secrets of the decade when it announced its decision (again) to purchase...

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Issue #2027

POSTER: “What’s the cost of war?”

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Issue #2031

CPA: submission to the Defence Strategic Review

The Communist Party of Australia (CPA) is a democratic, transparent and accountable organisation. We are member led and governed by a Central Committee elected every...

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Issue #2035


The latest cost estimate for taxpayers of Australia’s pending nuclear submarines at more than $170 billion. Don’t be surprised when Australia’s supply of weaponry to...

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Issue #2032

A peace & peoples’ budget

Annual budgets are a mirror held up to the class divide. The income and expenditure sides of the budget come down to priorities. The budget...

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Issue #2025

“To give peace a chance, we need to give peace a budget”

On 21st September, the United Nations Day of Peace, the Communist Party of Australia calls for the Albanese Government to step back from war preparations...

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Issue #2031

If military spending could provide peace, wouldn’t we have achieved that already?

The Labor Government plans to spend $48.7 billion on the military this financial year, in line with the policies of Morrison and Dutton. There is...

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Issue #2039


Hannah Middleton We face two crises which could ultimately destroy humanity and our planet – nuclear and climate Armageddon. A report – Climate Collateral –...

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Issue #1957

Gov’t spends billions on military, but people get none!

It seems in every facet Australia is inching closer towards transforming into its transpacific cousin, the United States of America.

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