The Guardian • Military

Issue #2004

Fighter jets or green electricity

On 28th March, the government came clean on one of its’ worst kept secrets of the decade when it announced its decision (again) to purchase...

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Issue #1992

Australia’s military deal with South Korea: a hidden past

On 13th December 2021, Australia signed an unprecedented billion-dollar defence contract with the Republic of South Korea (ROK).

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Issue #1976

Djibouti Africa – its international significance

Djibouti is a country of modest size but geopolitically significant, especially when its proximity to Sudan, South Sudan, Kenya and Uganda, is considered.

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Issue #1948

Military uses predatory recruitment on Australian youth

The end of 2020 brought about the end of a particularly difficult and disruptive year 12 for the nation’s school leavers.

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Issue #1992

Thanks but no tanks, rats please?

“You can’t make everything free,” said Prime Minister Scott Morrison ...

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Issue #2024

Defence programmes in SA schools

In 2010 the then-Federal Government announced a pilot programme to develop a defence curriculum. Three South Australian government schools were initially selected to develop this...

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Editorial Issue #1991

Year in review

2021 has been a year that has intensified the elements of the class struggle we have been experiencing since the pandemic arrived in Australia in 2020.

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Editorial Issue #1957

Gov’t spends billions on military, but people get none!

It seems in every facet Australia is inching closer towards transforming into its transpacific cousin, the United States of America.

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