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Tereshkova in space helmet. Issue #2061

Tereshkova first woman in space

On 16th June 1963, at the age of 26, Valentina V Tereshkova became the first woman to fly in space, a major Soviet engineering and...

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Issue #1985

Australia to help US establish “strategic base” on the moon

The federal government’s $50 million trailblazer program will support businesses to develop a semi-autonomous robot which NASA will use to collect lunar soil

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The second NASA launch from Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. Issue #2015

Dangers of space launches

A second NASA rocket was launched into space from Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory on 6th July. It follows the first NASA launch on...

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PEACE NOTES Issue #2059 03-07-2023


Whose Artemis? Hannah Middleton More than 50 years after the first human stepped onto the lunar surface, the moon has become a strategic asset hosting...

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