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Issue #2005

Does the peace movement still need to oppose NATO?

NATO, the international arm of the Pentagon, is in the news these days because of its role in the war in Ukraine. For now, millions...

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Issue #1994

US and NATO tighten military ring around Russia

What sin earned Kay-Achim Schönbach such a fate as being fired? When asked about the month-long NATO-Washington campaign against Putin and Russia, based only on...

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Issue #2013

World beyond war – global peace wave

Over the weekend 25-26 June, people all over the world joined up to protest the continual wars around the globe. Naturally, because of the time...

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Chinese temple Issue #2015

China’s principled position on the war in Ukraine

Respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all states has been the express foundation of China’s response to the war in Ukraine. On that...

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Issue #1968

NATO “testing the waters” with Russia in the Black Sea

On 23rd June, the British warship HMS Defender entered the territorial waters of Crimea, sparking a response of two warning shots from a patrol ship and four bombs dropped by a Russian Navy Su-24M jet.

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Issue #1995

Neo-nazis active in Ukraine as White House adds 3,000 troops

There’s an increasingly surreal air regarding the war scare over Ukraine. The original roles in the drama seem to be reversed. Back in December, Ukrainian...

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Issue #2009

Interview with SKP leader Andreas Sörensen on NATO and Sweden

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a reproduction of an interview with Communist Party of Sweden (SKP) General Secretary Andreas Sörensen (AS) which appeared in the...

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Issue #2004

Who will stop NATO?

“NATO is not an organisation, a force, or an alliance system that can be defeated militarily.” We have been stating this since the Russian armies...

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Issue #2016

Beware the “Asian NATO”

From 28-30th June, NATO leaders met in Madrid, producing a new Strategic Concept and declaring that Russia and China are the key threats to western...

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Issue #2014


While the Prime Minister was talking trade deals with the European Commission, who should pop up but Simon Crean, former ACTU President and erstwhile leader...

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Issue #2012


The Russian government’s visitation ban on a list of media types and some residents of Australia’s corporate cesspool has brought forth the nationalist breast-beating and...

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