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Issue #1980

Nauru invokes the Law of the Sea to begin deep seabed mining by 2022

At the 76th meeting of the UN General Assembly last week, a controversial move by the states of Micronesia was on the agenda.

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Issue #2016

Telstra buys Digicel Pacific and tax payers foot the bill

The multinational telecommunications company Digicel, has recently (14th July, 2022) completed the sale of its Pacific subsidiary to Telstra. While there has been much huffing...

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Issue #2084


NAURU: Nauru switched diplomatic recognition from Taiwan to China, leaving Taiwan with only 12 diplomatic allies that recognise it as a sovereign state. Nauru’s decision...

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Issue #2054


Manus Island and Nauru first became the locations for Australia’s offshore immigration detention centres in 2001, when former Prime Minister John Howard launched the “Pacific...

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