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Issue #1951

Fairer NDIS for all

On Saturday 20th of February, approximately 100 people gathered at the State Library of Victoria to fight independent assessments and for an improved, more accessible, and fair disability service.

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Issue #1962

Backlash against NDIS Independent Assessments

As part of the latest Federal Budget on Tuesday the 11th of May, the Morrison government announced it would be increasing the annual budget of the NDIS.

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Issue #1963

Reforms to DSP desperately needed

The Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs will conduct an investigation this year into the “purpose, intent and adequacy of the Disability Support Pension” (DSP).

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Issue #2013


The federal Treasurer delivered an address to Treasury staff last week, informing them that the government would oppose wage claims and use available legislation to...

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Issue #1991


Despite everything that the Morrison government says about not pursuing “budget repair”, that is exactly what it is doing.

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Issue #1979


CORRECTION The Guardian needs to correct the name of “Disabled and Neurodiverse Workers’ Alliance” to “Disabled and Neurodivergent Workers Alliance” (DNWA). The article also claimed...

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Issue #2009

Feet on the ground

After nine years of corrupt, anti-people, climate deniers in office, the newly elected Albanese Labor government faces many challenges. Expectations of real change are high,...

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Issue #1956

Government’s contempt for disabled people can no longer be ignored

It is hardly a shocker to hear of the Coalition government’s antipathy towards its nation’s most disadvantaged people. But with recent facts coming to light this month, the government’s attacks on disabled people have gone from predictable to egregious.

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