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Many of the placards at the London Palestine Solidarity demonstration on 7 April were very inspirational. ‘Free Palestine’ was drawn by activist and artist Lynda May Ayres. Issue #2095

Israel, Palestine, and the world

The US is putting pressure on Israel to open up more corridors to allow aid in. At the same time, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin...

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Issue #1969

“We deserve respect and peace”

The Nicaraguan government has expressed concerns over foreign interference in its upcoming 7th November general election to determine the next President ...

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Germany Israel meeting in Berlin, 2012. Issue #2094

Nicaragua calls Germany ‘pathetic’

Nicaragua has described Germany as “pathetic” for sending aid to Palestine and arms to Israel. The 43-page Nicaraguan submission to the International Court of Justice...

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A person in festive costume, Carazo, Nicaragua. Issue #2065

Nicaragua: the path to independence

The years under neo-liberalism in Nicaragua saw trade union rights stripped away, collective bargaining agreements junked and, as trade union strength waned, living standards plummeted....

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Global briefs Issue #2096


MALDIVES: Almost 284,000 people were eligible to vote in Maldives’ parliamentary elections last Sunday. The island country consists of nearly 2,000 coral islands across 800 km...

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Palestine rally condemning Israeli's genocide. Issue #2094

Criminal Israel – Genocide by famine

The situation in Gaza is nothing short of a humanitarian catastrophe with the appalling suffering and loss of life and the urgent and deteriorating humanitarian...

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