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Issue #2062


The Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc (TEPCO) has more than 1000 tanks of contaminated water from the cooling of reactors as it decommissions its...

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Nuclear-powered submarine USS OHIO at Delta Pier, Bangor, Washington. Issue #2061

Richard Marles self-regulates

It is a fundamental principle that the regulation of industries must be independent of the industries themselves. This is particularly important where products that have...

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Underground water storage pools at Fukushima. Issue #2069

Stop releasing contaminated water into the sea

SHII Kazuo Chair of the Executive Committee of the Japanese Communist Party (JCP) Press conference, August 2023 Tokyo (1) The Kishida government has decided to...

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Issue #2091


Opposition leader Peter Dutton has been in the news again. He says we should have nuclear to bolster our efforts to reduce carbon emissions. He’s...

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