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Issue #1962

Small nuclear reactors still have huge nuclear problems

Ottawa and four provinces have jumped on the small modular nuclear reactor (SMNR) bandwagon.

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Issue #1958

Japan’s radioactive dumping ground

Ten years after the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan’s government prepares to release radioactive wastewater from the power plant into the Pacific Ocean.

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Issue #1987

Let’s look at the reasons why Pacific Islanders hate nuclear and AUKUS

Between 1946 and 1958, the United States tested sixty-seven nuclear weapons in the Marshall Islands.

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Issue #2032

No nuclear dump rally ñ Port Augusta, SA

All marchers entered Gladstone Square through the smoking ceremony. The welcome to country was given by Barngala elder, Dave, assisted by his grandson. He expressed...

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Issue #2062


The Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc (TEPCO) has more than 1000 tanks of contaminated water from the cooling of reactors as it decommissions its...

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Issue #2031


The wholesale theft from Optus and Medibank of the personal information of their customers by hackers brings forth a quote from Karl Marx: “Finally, there...

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Issue #2050


CUBA: The deputies of the newly constituted National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP) re-elected Miguel Diaz Canel as President of the Republic of Cuba with...

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PEACE NOTES Issue #2065


The military tentacles of imperialism reach out into all parts of the globe as it struggles to maintain its domination. The Arctic is no exception....

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Issue #2027

Dumping on First Nations People

“That dump would poison the water and poison everything else, the food, the cattle, and everything else that’s gonna live off of the water.” Eileen...

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Issue #2047

Nuclear waste in South Australia

Holding the largest single deposit of uranium anywhere in the world located at Olympic Dam, inevitably, South Australia has been set on the road to...

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Issue #2068

Nuclear (con) fusion

It’s increasingly evident that the reason the LNP quietly introduced the AUKUS pact into Australia just prior to the nation going into an election, was...

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Underground water storage pools at Fukushima. Issue #2069

Stop releasing contaminated water into the sea

SHII Kazuo Chair of the Executive Committee of the Japanese Communist Party (JCP) Press conference, August 2023 Tokyo (1) The Kishida government has decided to...

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The oil and gas platform Northern Endeavour. Issue #2053

Govt’s toxic plan for Timor Sea

The Federal government has announced plans to dump undisclosed amounts of radioactive material, oil, and other toxins into the Timor Sea, just 155 kilometres from...

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No USA bases rally. Issue #2055

Softening Us Up

AUSTRALIA: Without much fanfare, Australians are being softened up to accept nuclear waste, nuclear power, and nuclear weapons. Not in one step of course, these...

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Issue #2048

Palm Sunday Peace Rally 2023 Adelaide

A gathering of dedicated peace activists met on the steps of Parliament House in North Terrace (Adelaide) in advocacy for peace which seems so fragile...

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Issue #2046

Cancel AUKUS! – NO TO WAR!

The Labor government’s decision to sign up to AUKUS is potentially the most costly and dangerous decision of any government since federation. It is not...

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Issue #2091


Opposition leader Peter Dutton has been in the news again. He says we should have nuclear to bolster our efforts to reduce carbon emissions. He’s...

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Sydney Anti-AUKUS Coalition poster –Submarine and missile. Issue #2054

Give us a Peace Budget

Decaying capitalism is turning the world upside down. Australians are sleeping in the streets and going without food and health care while half a trillion...

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