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Issue #1987

Let’s look at the reasons why Pacific Islanders hate nuclear and AUKUS

Between 1946 and 1958, the United States tested sixty-seven nuclear weapons in the Marshall Islands.

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Issue #2016


At its Jobs and Skills Summit in September, the federal government will respond to staff shortages in nursing and aged care with a plan to...

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Issue #2015


Amid attempts to drag Australia into the nuclear cycle, news from France casts yet another pall over the non-future of nuclear fission. France gets about...

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Issue #2080

Anti-colonial resistance in the Pacific

Resistance to the plans of successive Australian governments to create an Australian colonial empire in the Pacific has taken many forms over time. In 2006,...

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Issue #2038

Colonialism’s dead hand

In 2000 the same issues of land ownership and forms of government were behind the conflict of the two opposing “freedom” fighter groups which erupted...

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Tokelau Warriors: We are not drowning. We are fighting. Issue #2079

The rough deal facing climate refugees

As the consequence of the world’s inaction on climate intensifies, the effects are felt more acutely by those who did the least to cause them....

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NZ soldiers in creek playing war games. Issue #2100

Arms corporations win, People lose

Australians will be poorer but not more secure as a result of the massive increase in military spending in the next financial year outlined in...

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