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Issue #2099

‘Squad’ of nations formed to confront and provoke China

A new US-dominated bloc aimed at ‘challenging’ China is now almost complete. The grouping unites the USA, Japan, the Philippines, and Australia in what is...

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Issue #2048

Palm Sunday Peace Rally 2023 Adelaide

A gathering of dedicated peace activists met on the steps of Parliament House in North Terrace (Adelaide) in advocacy for peace which seems so fragile...

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Issue #2052

Not a People’s Budget

Budgets involve a redistribution of wealth reflecting government priorities and serving class interests. The 2023-24 federal budget has clear priorities. The big winners are the...

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Issue #2050

Fight back!

May Day is just eight days away from the federal budget. All we hear from Treasurer Jim Chalmers are attempts to soften up the electorate...

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Issue #2053

People’s need not corporate greed

The main focus of recent federal budgets was on economic recovery for the corporate sector, focusing on wiping out the budget deficit created by the...

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Sydney Anti-AUKUS Coalition poster –Submarine and missile. Issue #2054

Give us a Peace Budget

Decaying capitalism is turning the world upside down. Australians are sleeping in the streets and going without food and health care while half a trillion...

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