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Issue #2001

Unite under the Olympic spirit

Following more than six years of preparation and nearly thirty days of exciting competition, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, which have successfully presented...

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Issue #2005

Does the peace movement still need to oppose NATO?

NATO, the international arm of the Pentagon, is in the news these days because of its role in the war in Ukraine. For now, millions...

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Issue #2005

Listening to the Solomon Islands: friends to all and enemies to none

The Solomon Islands (SI), with a population of 700,000, has a growing relationship with China. This is a fact and an inevitable trend. In all...

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Issue #2013

World beyond war – global peace wave

Over the weekend 25-26 June, people all over the world joined up to protest the continual wars around the globe. Naturally, because of the time...

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Chinese temple Issue #2015

China’s principled position on the war in Ukraine

Respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all states has been the express foundation of China’s response to the war in Ukraine. On that...

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Editorial Issue #1991

Year in review

2021 has been a year that has intensified the elements of the class struggle we have been experiencing since the pandemic arrived in Australia in 2020.

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Issue #2006


The Coalition Morrison government has got to go. On Saturday 21st May vote them out! The Communist Party of Australia rejects the undemocratic electoral system...

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Issue #2009

Feet on the ground

After nine years of corrupt, anti-people, climate deniers in office, the newly elected Albanese Labor government faces many challenges. Expectations of real change are high,...

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Issue #1979

NO to Nuclear Submarine Madness!

We condemn unreservedly the new tripartite agreement, AUKUS, between Australia, the UK, and the US and the announcement that Australia will have nuclear powered submarines.

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