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Weasel Words heading Issue #2045


(special AUKUS edition) Uncomfortable reading / əˈnkmfərtəbəl ˈrdɪŋ/ A lot of weasel words are an attempt to pre-emptively shield something awful from criticism. If something is...

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Weasel Words heading Issue #2049

Weasel Words

Hitler (just like) By now, everyone has heard of “Godwin’s law”, an internet saying amounting to this: if you compare someone to Hitler or the...

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Issue #2012

Australia “opposes” US statement on UN report into human rights abuses in Israel and Palestine

Australia has refused to sign a statement, alongside over twenty other countries, released by the US regarding an inquiry into human rights violations in Palestine...

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Penny Wong. Issue #2050

Wong’s “reality check” ignores reality

When Penny Wong took over as Foreign Minister from Marise Payne last year, she was surfing the wave of approval that brought the Albanese Labor...

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Issue #2030

West Jerusalem no longer recognised by Australia as Israeli capital

One of the more heinous foreign policy decisions of the former Morrison government has been reversed: Australia no longer recognises West Jerusalem as the capital...

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Samantha Power, Administrator of the US Agency for International Development meets with Penny Wong, Australian’s Foreign Minister. Issue #2051

Cut-and-paste US world domination

“So today I want to talk to you about how we avert war and maintain peace – and more than that, how we shape a...

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