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Issue #1953

Peter Dutton continues to abuse the rights of refugees to healthcare

The Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton has once again shown his utter disregard for the health and wellbeing of refugees and asylum seekers.

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Issue #1950

Editorial – Dutton funds favoured, less meritorious projects

One would think that given how big the Morrison government is on ensuring a “fair go for those who have a go” that merit-based programs would be the shining example of this motto in practice. However ...

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Issue #2009

New Coalition leaders seek to “soften” image, but their past betrays them

“Peter Dutton has […] a soft heart. Australian voters will be very surprised by the Peter Dutton they will see.” These were the words of...

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Issue #2019

Dodgy Dutton continues “climate war”

With a new Labor government, Australia finally has some concrete plans for climate action (see in this issue Climate Wars). Climate change was a major...

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Issue #2022

Robotdebt royal commission announced

Last month, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese officially called a royal commission into the unlawful debt recovery scheme known as “Robodebt.” The Albanese government has selected...

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Weasel Words heading Issue #2057


Certainty Like many other weasel words, certainty is used to ask for things it would be impolite to ask for directly. The gas industry are...

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Children singing. Issue #2075

Multiculturalism and class

There are two faces of Australian society. There are those who embrace difference and diversity who want to live in peace with their neighbours. That...

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Issue #2072


Anna Pha Coalition leader Peter Dutton is calling for small modular (nuclear) reactors (SMRs) to replace coal-fired power stations as they are closed. SMRs are...

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Issue #2068

Class interest and Voices

One really bad argument against a Yes vote for the Voice to Parliament is that that a small group of Australians – Indigenous people –...

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Issue #2071

Don’t be fooled by elites

Elites are in the news again. Jacinta Nampijinpa Price says she doesn’t want elites telling her what to do, although since she’s happy to do...

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Issue #2075


Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows almost 40 per cent of 16 to 24-year-olds reported experiencing a mental health disorder within the past...

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Issue #2091


Opposition leader Peter Dutton has been in the news again. He says we should have nuclear to bolster our efforts to reduce carbon emissions. He’s...

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