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Issue #1979

A survey of fascism in Australia

It’s 1919. Germany is in chaos after four years of war that ended in a humiliating defeat and surrender.

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Issue #2003

Mental health crisis

Suicide in Australia is the leading cause of death for people aged between fifteen and forty-four with one in five people being diagnosed with a...

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Issue #2001

Wages going backwards

Back in 2019, the then-federal finance minister Mathias Cormann admitted that low wage growth was part of the government’s economic architecture. Combined with their ideological...

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Issue #1982

Capitalism, racism, and slavery – how they are connected

In a modern society, it is hard to imagine that our ancestors ever supported or tolerated slavery.

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Issue #1998

Homelessness epidemic

Having a roof over your head and a safe living space is not a privilege as capitalists would have us believe. It is a basic...

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Issue #1978

Vale Fred Paterson

Born on the 13th June 1897 on a pig farm at Gladstone, Fred Paterson became the first communist elected to a state parliament in Australia.

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Issue #1980

Vale Jack Henry

Growing up and working on the railway in the sugar-growing town of Tully, I often heard mention by union delegates of Jack Henry. He was...

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Wittenoom Gorge Mine Issue #2031

The legacy of asbestos mining at Wittenoom

“If the sugar refining company won’t come to my rescue/Who’s going to save me?” So goes the song Blue Sky Mine by Australian band Midnight...

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