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Issue #1954

Greece protests police brutality

In Greece, mass protests have broken out following the release of video footage of a man being beaten with an iron baton by a police officer and held down by two others for breaking lockdown restrictions.

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Issue #2044

Atlanta’s Cop City

In August 2021, the City of Atlanta shocked its citizens when it announced plans to construct a US $90m police training complex in the middle...

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Global briefs Issue #2063


KENYA: Police have been ordered not to report deaths amid protests against the rising cost of living. While police in Kenya have long been accused...

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Issue #2046

Queensland police under fire

The Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, has begun to restructure the Queensland Police Service (QPS) in an attempt to eradicate the “significant problem” of sexism, racism,...

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Issue #1968

Punish police prejudice, United Nations urges world

The United Nations has called for an end to impunity for police who violate the human rights of black people in a landmark race report.

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Issue #1986

“Justice for JC” Protest, West Perth

On the steps of the West Australian Parliament House on Thursday 28th October, I attended a protest with about 100 other people, mostly Indigenous, calling for justice for JC.

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Half the Sky column logo Issue #2105


The case that Brittany Higgins brought against Bruce Lehrmann exposed the inadequacy of our legal system when it comes to giving  women a ‘fair go’...

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Justice for TJ Issue #2083

Justice for TJ

This year is the 20th anniversary of the death of TJ Hickey, who died during a police pursuit in Redfern, Sydney in 2004. On Saturday...

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Global briefs Issue #2085


UGANDA: Uganda has disowned in the International Court of a judge from Uganda over the Israel genocide trial. “Justice Sebutinde’s ruling at the International Court...

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Police violence in US. Issue #2058

US Police Violence

On 16th June the US Justice Department announced that the Minneapolis Police Department needed to be reformed. The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division had launched...

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Greenville, NC Police Department. Issue #2064

The Police-Industrial-Complex

US citizens believe they have the right to representative democracy, freedom of speech, religious worship, a free press, and equality before the law with a...

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Issue #2047

Queensland police corruption report

In 1987 the Fitzgerald Inquiry, The Commission of Inquiry into Possible Illegal Activities and Associated Police Misconduct, began investigations into the corruption by the Queensland...

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Global briefs Issue #2105


KENYA: Biden promised to designate Kenya as the USA’s first “major non-NATO ally” in sub-Saharan Africa as Kenyan President William Ruto arrived in Washington for...

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