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Issue #2042

Call Unanswered

Unanswered phone calls at Services Australia reflect the attraction and retention issues plaguing the Australian Public Service (APS), according to the Community and Public Sector...

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Issue #2045

Outrageous assault on peace and vulnerable Australians

The naval nuclear reactors for Australia, announced today, represent one of the lowest points in Australian democracy in living memory. Unimaginable expenditure – up to...

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Issue #2046

The fight against public service austerity

No matter how much employers want workers to understand otherwise, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a boom period for capital. Finance capital, represented most obviously...

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Issue #2053

Outsourcing’s shadow workforce

The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) says it is pleased to see that the Albanese Labor government has uncovered the scale of outsourcing within...

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PricewaterhouseCoopers Building In Johannesburg, South Africa Issue #2059 03-07-2023

The corporate state

Taxpayers are funding an inefficient system of outsourcing, wasting billions of dollars, in a process riddled with conflicts of interest that results in massive private...

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Medical appointment via telehealth. Photo: hillside7 – Issue #2050

For-profit health in the trolley

In the language of privatisation, Sydney’s public trains call the millions who use the system daily, not commuters, but “customers.” Now, with Woolworths, the giant...

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Public Sector Alliance logo. Issue #2068

Public Sector Alliance WA campaign for new industrial agreement

On Monday evening 14th August 2023, at the CSA Centre in Perth, the peak union body Unions WA, launched its campaign for a new industrial...

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