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Issue #1973

Federal Court favours Transport Workers’ Union ground crew against Qantas

Last year, the Transport Workers’ Union instigated legal actions against Qantas over the airline’s attempts to outsource 2000 jobs and the treatment of workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Issue #1994

Qantas moves to terminate Enterprise Agreement

Qantas has applied to the Fair Work Commission to terminate its Long-Haul Cabin Crew agreement. The first time in its history that Qantas has tried...

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Issue #2008


The US Department of Defence recently went through the formality of asking Congress to give it the go-ahead to fund facilities in Australia to process...

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Issue #2028

Qantas declares war on its frontline workforce

In an aggressive step, Qantas has unilaterally reissued a new Notice of Employee Representational Rights (NERR) to its ASU 1- 9 and QFIT workforce. In...

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Issue #2034


Scott Morrison’s secret multiple portfolios has nothing on the dual role of PM Albanese and Defence Minister Richard Marles as salesmen/lobbyists for the arms manufacturers....

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Issue #2011

The future of regional flights is up in the air

Regional Express (Rex) is embattled to say the least. The airline, on which many remote and regional areas depend for flights to major cities, is...

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Issue #2024

Remove Alan Joyce

Throughout the pandemic Qantas CEO Alan Joyce has consistently proven himself to be the walking embodiment of corporate greed. Alan Joyce took in $5,575,000 –...

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Issue #2070


As temperatures climb, and heatwaves become more common, it’s worth remembering that unions achieve and enforce protection against heat. As a comrade in the Rail...

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Issue #1955

Under capitalism corporate greed supersedes peoples’ needs

Yesterday JobKeeper ended, and the Coronavirus Supplement will end later this week. These payments have been vital in ensuring that workers can keep their jobs and those already on some form of government assistance get the extra help they need during this once-in-a-century pandemic.

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Front view of a large Qantas plane. Issue #2069

Qantas: Robber Baron

As the stench around Qantas grows stronger, CEO Allan Joyce has made a hasty retreat, abruptly resigning on 5th September, his $10.8 million pay-out firmly...

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Food being delivered by bicycle. Issue #2070


In the face of the big rip-off of Australian workers, the Albanese government’s attempted makeover of the industrial relations system continued on 4th September, when...

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Looking out of a passenger window at the Qantas logo on the end of wing of the plane. Issue #2071

The coming storm

In an important win for union members, the High Court of Australia last week ruled that Qantas’ sacking of 1700 ground and baggage workers was...

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