The Guardian • Queensland

Issue #2014

Flood, fire and famine

The 2022 Eastern Australian floods were one of the nation’s worst recorded flood disasters, destroying large parts of Southeastern Queensland and Northeastern NSW. The flooding...

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Childers Issue #2015

“Inspiration and hope”

The morning of 23rd June came with a blustery cold wind to the town of Childers in Queensland. Particularly felt by myself and my fellow...

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Issue #2014

Queensland comrades organise! the CPA and the lower-northern Qld tour

See Part One In the last part of our report, we left readers with a brief outline of our travels on Friday 24th June. That...

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Issue #1996

Unions join to give voice on job casualisation and COVID-19

It was great to see so many people joining together to listen and give voice to the major problems of casualisation and the pandemic that...

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Issue #2023

The rent is too high!: RAHU speaks truth to power at the Victorian state election

On 2nd September, the Renters and Housing Union (RAHU) launched their state election campaign in Victoria, on the platform that “the rent is too high.”...

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Issue #1978

Vale Fred Paterson

Born on the 13th June 1897 on a pig farm at Gladstone, Fred Paterson became the first communist elected to a state parliament in Australia.

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Issue #1982

Queensland police fight vaccine mandate

Members of the Queensland Police Service (QPS) have launched a legal challenge in the Supreme Court of Queensland (QSC) against a vaccine mandate issued by...

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Issue #1999

“Raise the age” bill not recommended by Qld committee

Last week, the Community Support and Services Committee recommended the Parliament of Queensland not pass Greens MP Michael Berkman’s private Members’ bill, which attempted to...

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Issue #1965

Effect of the military on carbon emissions and soil pollution

Every second year the US and Australian military hold war games, called Talisman Sabre in Queensland, in areas of high environmental significance: some being world heritage areas and natural heritage sites.

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Issue #2035

Hear her voice

This article contains references to examples of experiences of First Nations peoples, and language that is disrespectful and offensive to their culture, history, people and...

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Issue #2011

State budget opportunity for health care reform

In this month’s state budget, United Workers Union is calling on the Queensland Government to increase funding to the health sector to urgently address issues...

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Issue #1971

Stop Talisman Sabre war games!

US-Australian war games, currently being played in Queensland, should be cancelled for compelling security, environmental, economic, and health reasons.

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