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Palestine Solidarity Protest in San Francisco. Issue #2097

Anti-genocide encampments go global

Massive pro-Palestinian demonstrations and occupations continued across universities in the United States, Europe, and Australia as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu comes under increasing pressure...

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Issue #1973

Anti-mask is anti-working class

Thousands of anti-maskers have gathered in major centres around the country in opposition to COVID-19 restrictions.

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Issue #2018

Public sector health services workers make a stand – WA

As part of the campaign by public sector workers in Western Australia, members of the Health Services Union and United Workers Union – the two...

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Part of the Naarm/ Melbourne rally. Issue #2077

Free Palestine: Naarm/ Melbourne 25 October

The struggle for Palestinian liberation continues in Melbourne, as hundreds gathered on a cold Wednesday evening. This was a rally co-organised by Warriors of the...

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Issue #1998

“RATIOS NOW!” – Rally report Melbourne

On Tuesday, 1st March, over 100 workers, unionists, and community members gathered at the front of Gladys Liu’s office in Burwood, Victoria. Their mission was...

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Issue #1950

Demonstrators protest ongoing lockout of Coles workers

Three-hundred and fifty workers at the Smeaton Grange Coles warehouse have been indefinitely locked out of their workplace.

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Saturday’s 28 October rally for Palestine in Boorloo/Perth. Issue #2077

Shame Albo Shame!

People in the tens of thousands around the world continue to rally for Palestine. In Australia, demonstrations around the main capital cities brought thousands of...

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Housing rally. Issue #2058

Housing activists unite for public housing

CPA members in Sydney attended the Homes for People, Not for Profit: End the Housing Crisis rally on 17th June in support of public housing...

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Issue #1969

Maritime Union of Australia takes the fight to Parliament House

Canberra is known for its cold mornings, and the 23rd June was no exception.

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Issue #1993

“Freedom” rally, Supreme Court Gardens – Perth

In the shadow of WA Premier Mark McGowan’s announcement of a new mandate and restrictions to be imposed once the WA hard border falls on...

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Global briefs Issue #2099


UK: Communist Party general secretary Robert Griffiths has welcomed the results of local elections which “landed a red card to the Tories and a warning...

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Issue #2026

“Abolish the monarchy” protests across the country

On 22nd September, thousands of people took to the streets in protest across the country under the banner of “Abolish the monarchy.” These rallies were...

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Perth May Day rally. Issue #2051

May Day 2023

Adelaide – March & Fun Day Adelaide. Hundreds joined the May Day March and Family Fun Day in Adelaide Saturday 29th April with the March...

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Global briefs Issue #2075


MALAYSIA: Thousands of people gathered near Malaysia’s National Mosque in Kuala Lumpur carrying Palestinian flags and chanting ‘Free Palestine.’ Strict security measures were in place,...

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Global briefs Issue #2091


YEMEN: Massive protests for Palestine continue across Yemen. Friday rallies attract millions of participants who march for Gaza. Last Friday was no exception – demonstrators...

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Issue #1957

Stop black deaths in custody rally – Sydney

On Saturday, the 10th of April, a CPA contingent attended Stop Black Deaths in Custody rally in Sydney.

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Issue #2039

Invasion Day rallies demand “Treaty before Voice”

As many as 100,000 people took to the streets with rallies and marches in every state and territory on Invasion Day, 26th January. Protestors held...

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Issue #1989

The sinister side of the anti-vaxxer “freedom rallies”

Across the country, anti-government anti-vax “freedom rallies” have erupted over vaccine mandates, pandemic restrictions, and at the broadest level, the government itself.

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Global briefs Issue #2098


USA: More than 2,000 students have been arrested on US college campuses during pro-Palestinian actions. Many students have been suspended. As a gesture of solidarity,...

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Rally for Palestine, Borloo/Perth. Issue #2081

Palestine rallies: CPA members show support

With the brief truce in Gaza, Australian political leaders being weak on the topic, and most Australian media ‘both-sidesing’ a mass-murdering assault on Palestinians as...

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Issue #2014

Assange rally – Adelaide

CPA members in Adelaide attended the recent rally in support of journalist and Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. In light of British Home Secretary Priti Patel’s...

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Issue #1955

Wollongong joins in Global Climate Strike

Despite the weather, plans went ahead on Friday, 19 March, for a demonstration in Illawarra’s CBD.

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Sydney rally for Palestine. Issue #2077

Sydney pro-Palestinian action

Every week the protest actions in Sydney become larger rising from around 5000 to 15,000 to an estimated 50,000 on Sunday 29  October. After hearing...

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Paul 'Keato' Keating Issue #2093

‘Keato’ speaks out after arrest

Following his arrest for protesting against the ZIM shipping line at Port Botany, the Guardian contacted Paul Keating, also known as ‘Keato.’ Here is what...

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Issue #2080

“End war crimes in Palestine”

The Palestinian Justice Movement Sydney has led an action in Port Botany in protest at the Israeli-owned ZIM shipping line which frequents Australia’s largest container...

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Free Palestine rally in Geelong Issue #2099

Free Palestine rally in Geelong

William Briggs, one of the speakers, was introduced to a Free Palestine rally in Geelong as a Communist Party of Australia member. His speech to...

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Issue #2083

Treaty and Land Rights

On 26 January, join with Indigenous people in their demands for land rights, treaty, and truth telling! “To join in the rally demonstrates that we...

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Remembering and protesting Al Nakba Perth rally and march Perth WA 18 May. Issue #2100

Remembering and protesting Al Nakba Perth rally and march

Over 500 people gathered in the Supreme Court Gardens of Perth to hear Palestinian people speak about the history of their struggle from 15 May...

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Harry at protest. Issue #2096

Haarootune (Harry) Ohannes Koopelian

Harry Koopelian passed away on the 8th March, 2024 in Gladesville (Sydney) after a long illness. Harry joined the Socialist Party of Australia in the...

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Rally in support of Palestine, Perth 2024. Issue #2103

Stop arming Israel Rally – Borloo/Perth

This rally was based on the very simple premise that if the capitalist countries of the West stopped arming Israel, peace and justice could happen...

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Rights 4 riders rally. Issue #2069

Fight for gig workers’ rights

What would you think about someone who is continually attempting to rob you and your family of the right to a decent living? Someone who...

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Rally for Palestine, Sydney. Issue #2079

Pro-Palestine rally, Sydney

On Sunday 12 November 2023, tens of thousands of protesters descended on Hyde Park in Sydney to demand a ceasefire and a stop to the...

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Protest at HTA building. Issue #2087

Community picket outside Heat Treat Australia in Victoria

On Friday 9 February 150-200 protesters picketed Heat Treat Australia’s (HTA) factory in Campbellfield, Victoria. This factory processes parts for Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Lightning II...

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Firefighters rally for wage justice Issue #2055

Firefighters rally for wage justice

On Thursday 25th May, several hundred members of the United Firefighters Union of WA and their supporters, principally from other trade unions, marched from the...

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Rally for Palestine. Issue #2076

Communist Party of Australia members show up for Palestine

Naarm/Melbourne Over 15,000 people attended a rally and march under the slogan Free Gaza. On a show of hands, this was the first Palestinian solidarity...

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Rally for Palestine. Issue #2080

Ceasefire now!

The calls for a ceasefire grow louder and louder as hundreds of thousands of people continue to demonstrate in the major cities around the world....

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Melbourne rally for Palestine, including CPA members. Issue #2093

Melbourne Comrades rally for Palestine and Cuba

Melbourne Communist Party of Australia members are a regular fixture at the now-weekly rallies in support of Palestine and against the ongoing genocide there, proudly...

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Palestine rally, Chalmers. Issue #2082

Convoy to Chalmers

In the first demonstration in Logan City in Brisbane in support of Palestinians, an estimated 1500 to 2000 people, and hundreds of cars have surrounded...

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Rally for Palestine in Sydney. Issue #2080

Sydney protest against genocide in Palestine

On Sunday 19 November, tens of thousands gathered in Sydney’s Hyde Park to protest the ongoing war in Gaza carried out by Israel. Members of...

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Boorloo/Perth rally for Palestine on Sunday 19 November. Issue #2080

We must support Palestine’s right to self-determination

People around the world are witnessing every day the televised genocide of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. In Australia, and internationally, ever larger rallies are...

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Sydney rallies for Palestine. Issue #2077

Ceasefire NOW!

Around the world hundreds of thousands of people are taking protest actions, calling for an immediate ceasefire so that food, water and medical aid can...

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Rally in support of Palestine. Issue #2086

Palestine: FUND UNRWA!

Norwegian Labour MP Asmund Aukrust has nominated the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for the Nobel Peace Prize “for its long-term work to...

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Issue #2081


Lenin said of the Paris Commune that to Marx it was “more important than hundreds of programs and arguments,” because the Commune was real action,...

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