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Issue #2025

An Australia without a monarch

Queen Elizabeth II’s reign was a fixture for the entirety of many Australian lives, she was the personification of the Commonwealth. With her passing earlier...

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Issue #2040

The Communist Party of Australia Calls for a YES vote to the Voice in the upcoming Referendum

The Communist Party of Australia Central Committee at its meeting in January 2023 came out proudly in favour of a YES vote in the upcoming...

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CPA supports a Issue #2045

“Yes” to the Voice

Recently, CPA General Secretary, Andrew Irving, spoke with members of the NSW Hunter branch. The topic: the CPA’s support for a “yes” vote in the...

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Issue #2048

Voice to Parliament: the progressive YES

You’re going to hear a lot of negative things about the Voice to Parliament in the months between now, and when the referendum is held...

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Issue #2060

Why we support the YES campaign!

On 19th June 2023, Parliament passed a bill for a referendum to recognise Indigenous Australians in the Constitution,  and to give them a Voice to...

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CPA supports a Issue #2075

Referendum defeat, a ‘sorry day’

Yes campaigner Thomas Mayo said the defeat of the Referendum signalled a “sorry day.” Australia voted for the status quo of dispossession, inequality, lack of...

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CPA supports a Issue #2057

Unions for YES workshops coming soon

The Communist Party of Australia supports and is campaigning for a YES vote in the coming referendum on an Indigenous Voice to Parliament. As the...

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