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Issue #2032

22nd International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties

“Solidarity with Cuba and all the struggling peoples. United, we are stronger in the anti-imperialist struggle, together with social and popular movements, in the face...

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Issue #2042


One of the biggest con jobs foisted on the Australian public and the planet is Chevron’s $81 billion Gorgon “clean gas” project in WA. It...

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Issue #2058

AUKUS, the ranks are breaking

How good would it be if we could see headlines like these? Albanese to spend $300 billion on Public Housing or Power prices to plummet...

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Issue #2020

ACTU pushes for radical reforms ahead of jobs summit

The federal government is holding a Jobs and Skills Summit in early September this year to address the “shared economic challenges” faced by Australians. The...

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Issue #1977

Renewable energy to meet 100% consumer demand at certain times of the day by 2025

Renewable energy is proving its reliability in serving Australia’s east coast, according to the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).

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Offshore wind turbines Issue #2062

Maritime Union win on renewables

Australian maritime workers continue to benefit from the fast pace of investment and expansion of offshore renewable energy projects around our coastline. The Maritime Union...

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Issue #2019

Dodgy Dutton continues “climate war”

With a new Labor government, Australia finally has some concrete plans for climate action (see in this issue Climate Wars). Climate change was a major...

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Issue #2050

MUA goes hard for renewable energy

The Commonwealth government is holding a consultation on declaring an “Offshore Renewable Energy Area” off the coast of Newcastle, running from Port Stephens south to...

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Issue #2012

The sun will shine, the wind will blow

Australia is on the brink of a total collapse of its domestic energy market amid a crisis that has been decades in the making. If...

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Issue #2046

Illawarra renewable energy zone to deliver long-term work

Maritime workers living and working in the Illawarra are excited by the opportunities and long-term industry development that will come from the declaration by the...

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Issue #2047

“Port Kembla, not Fort Kembla”

Last month the Maritime Union of Australia’s (MUA) Southern NSW Branch Secretary Mick Cross welcomed news that Port Kembla will become a large-scale venue for...

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Wind mill – wind energy. Issue #2064

MUA rallies for respect for workers

Australian maritime workers converged in Melbourne to rally at the Australia Wind Energy conference at South Wharf, to draw attention to the actions of global...

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Issue #2047

“Defuse climate time-bomb”

“This is the earth’s last chance to avoid climate disaster,” warns the Intergovernmental UN Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The IPCC in its latest report...

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